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Need Romantic, dimly lit place for anniversary in Boston

This to celebrate my wedding anniversary with my wife of 15 years.
My pet peeve is overly bright places.
I prefer intimate and dimly lit, but food and service quality are also very important.
Prefer a place in back Bay as we used to live there and met while living there,
Price is no object.

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  1. The Hungry I is a pretty romantic setting. I've only been for brunch, and not in a while, but I liked it when I was last there.

    1. I wonder if Deux Ave would fit? we were there early, and by the window so our table was kind of bright. But I thought the dining room in general was pleasant and fairly low key. Food and service were both excellent on our visit.

      1. When it's an anniversary/romantic event and price is no object, I always send people to Salts. Clearly it's outside of your preferred neighborhood so not sure what type of an issue that is.

          1. L'Espalier would fit the bill I think...

            1. my go-to dimly lit place is the Blue Room. Recent reports on chowhound vary about it, but I continue to like it. You'll hardly be able to see your wife, let alone the next table. This is also convenient because some of the tables are pretty close together.

              *kidding about seeing your wife, but not about the next table.

              1. I would suggest Mistral. Great for a special occaision and they always seem to lower the lighting which creates a very warm atmosphere. In fact a few times we have seen people using the flash in their iPhones to read the menus. The food, the service and the room are always wonderful too.

                1. Mistral
                  Number 9 Park

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                      wonderful and can be romantic, but not dark in my experience - though were you thinking the booths downstairs? They might get dark. Plus, if you're early you can watch the pastry chef.

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                        Agree- quite bright and sort of loud, too. I had an anniversary dinner there last year which was kind of tasty but way overpriced and didn't have a special feeling at all. More of an expensive fun night out with good-but-not-great food.

                    2. What about Lala Rokh on Beacon Hill, or Casa Romero in Back Bay? Both are kind of vibey and dark.

                      1. If revisiting the Back Bay is important, I agree with those posters who suggest L'Espalier, which remains the best of the special occasion places in that area. If the North End isn't too far, we always enjoy Mama Maria's for a romantic dinner, on a beautiful night when Paul Rever Square is so lovely. The vibe always feels "old-fashioned" romantic to us and the food and service is elegant if not "wow, innovative."

                        1. L'Espalier or No. 9 Park for the general area of Back Bay/Beacon Hill.

                          Bondir if you're willing to head over to Cambridge.