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May 10, 2013 09:37 AM

Need Romantic, dimly lit place for anniversary in Boston

This to celebrate my wedding anniversary with my wife of 15 years.
My pet peeve is overly bright places.
I prefer intimate and dimly lit, but food and service quality are also very important.
Prefer a place in back Bay as we used to live there and met while living there,
Price is no object.

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  1. The Hungry I is a pretty romantic setting. I've only been for brunch, and not in a while, but I liked it when I was last there.

    1. I wonder if Deux Ave would fit? we were there early, and by the window so our table was kind of bright. But I thought the dining room in general was pleasant and fairly low key. Food and service were both excellent on our visit.

      1. When it's an anniversary/romantic event and price is no object, I always send people to Salts. Clearly it's outside of your preferred neighborhood so not sure what type of an issue that is.

          1. L'Espalier would fit the bill I think...