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May 10, 2013 09:18 AM

Non-typical Mother's Day restaurants in Central Jersey to avoid crowds?

Our family has usually avoided going out to eat on Mother's Day because of the crowds, bad service, etc.

Growing up we had a favorite strip-mall Chinese restaurant with great food (long missed Mayflower in Morristown). We'd go, bring Grandma, and have a great meal with no crowds!

Now we'd like to meet my parents with our kids if we can find something else like this -- casual is fine, neither Mom or I are hung up on a "special" Mother's Day meal -- we want to enjoy the food and each others' company.

We're in South Jersey, they're in Essex County. Typically we meet in the Cranbury area, or Princeton. Suggestions off the turnpike are fine too.

So -- ethnic, casual, whatever -- any ideas on someplace most families wouldn't go for Mother's Day but 'Hounds know are worth eating at??

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  1. Go. To. Porta.

    Asbury Park.

    Breakfast pizzas, awesome bloody marys, more awesome lemon-ricotta pancakes, sides of sausage from Salumeria Biellese...and you don't have to get dressed up at all!

    Afterwards you can roll yourselves over to the boardwalk for a stroll. :-)

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      Thanks. Sounds good, but that's pretty far off the turnpike for this particular meet-up! But I'll make a note of it for a separate trip!

      It's not that I love the turnpike, it's just that it's the one common major road we can both get to fairly easily.

      I'm looking into Edison and all their choices too, but don't have a sense of what the Mother's day crowds will be.