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May 10, 2013 09:14 AM

Comprehensive seasonal chart

Looking for a comprehensive seasonal chart for fruits and vegetables. Not just local, but what I can expect to find in the grocery store at any given time. I am more familiar with the times for vegetables than fruits. Besides the obvious, I want to replace my evening sweet snacks with fruits. This is so much easier to do with delicious fruit than with ho-hum fruit. Shocking, I know. Seriously, I can't make myself regularly eat fruit that isn't at its best.

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  1. Is this sort of what you're looking for?

    Problem with a comprehensive one is you will really need to find one that is specific to your area since certain things are in season at different times depending where you live. You can try googling "what is in season in _____(wherever you live)".

    1. Wouldn't a seasonal chart only be applicable wherever you are in the world?

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        1. Many years ago, Chez Panisse was having an anniversary (perhaps 25th) and offered calendars for sale. On various days were little notes that said things like "such-and-so farm now has fresh asparagus!", or "melons should be ready at farm x." it is really cool. Obviously useless as a day-to-day calendar now (and not useful if you do not live in the northern CA area), but I sometimes use it still for seasonal fruit/veggie reminder.

          Even a chart specific to your area will not tell you day-to-day what your store actually has fresh. So, not to be difficult, but I wonder how helpful such a chart would be --although I suppose if you are trying to plan ahead for a party. I can never remember when apricots are in season, but when I see then, I buy them. I'm sure if I saw a chart saying apricots are in season, I'd go to the store and wouldn't find good ones.

          Now there must be an "app" for that.

          1. Hit a local farmers' market at various times of year and see what's on offer. While you're there, pick up some fruit, and kill two birds with one stone.