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May 10, 2013 08:57 AM

Quick Lunch - Beverly Hills

Need ideas please for an easy and quick lunch in Beverly Hills. Have you been to Choppe Choppe? Looks interesting. A place with great sandwiches and salads would be perfect. Not looking for deli or anything ethnic.

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  1. I am still partial to the pressed chicken sandwich with the garlic "crack" sauce at il Tramezzino but they have good salad options too if that is what you are hankering for.

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    1. re: Servorg

      Thank You. I have seen this but never tried it. Is the Italian food good here too?

      1. re: flowergirl

        I always get the exact same thing (g) so someone else will need to chime in on that aspect of things.

    2. Neiman Marcus Fresh Market (3rd floor)

      1. Do you mean Greenleaf Chop Shop? Great salads. No really a place to eat in though.

        BeverLiz Cafe on South Beverly is another easy place with a broad menu of sandwhiches and salads with sidewalk seating.

        If it were me, I would probably sit outside at Barney Greengrass for a quick lunch.

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            O. Have not been. Greenleaf has a great chop chicken salad. Much better IMO than La Scalla chop.

        1. Bouchon Bistro (on Canon) on the patio....a little quieter and away from the traffic of BH with great service. My go-to place for a quick lunch.

          Very delicious salads and sandwiches and bakery items.

          1. cabbage patch. on beverly