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Quick Lunch - Beverly Hills

Need ideas please for an easy and quick lunch in Beverly Hills. Have you been to Choppe Choppe? Looks interesting. A place with great sandwiches and salads would be perfect. Not looking for deli or anything ethnic.

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  1. I am still partial to the pressed chicken sandwich with the garlic "crack" sauce at il Tramezzino http://iltram.net/ but they have good salad options too if that is what you are hankering for.

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      Thank You. I have seen this but never tried it. Is the Italian food good here too?

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        I always get the exact same thing (g) so someone else will need to chime in on that aspect of things.

    2. Neiman Marcus Fresh Market (3rd floor)

      1. Do you mean Greenleaf Chop Shop? Great salads. No really a place to eat in though.


        BeverLiz Cafe on South Beverly is another easy place with a broad menu of sandwhiches and salads with sidewalk seating.

        If it were me, I would probably sit outside at Barney Greengrass for a quick lunch.

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            O. Have not been. Greenleaf has a great chop chicken salad. Much better IMO than La Scalla chop.

        1. Bouchon Bistro (on Canon) on the patio....a little quieter and away from the traffic of BH with great service. My go-to place for a quick lunch.

          Very delicious salads and sandwiches and bakery items.

          1. cabbage patch. on beverly

            1. Choppe Choppe used to be located in Culver City before their move to BH and it's fresh and tasty. Their soups, cookies, and lemonades are also great.

              Also agree with the recs for Il Tramezzino, Cabbage Patch, and would also throw in Momed or The Farm.

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                I was going to say Momed except the OP said no ethnic. Farm is a good call too. How about Lemonade?

              2. For some reason I thought Choppe Choppe was closed. Maybe call first? In any case, I worked aross the street until about six months ago. Liked it at first, got old fast for me.

                ALSO -- it is a take-out place.

                1. Best replies so far: Bouchon Bistro and Neiman Marcus Fresh Market. These are my go-to places when I am in BH, hungry and in a hurry. IMHO, NM has the best menu of the two; excellent sandwiches, and salads. Love the cup of soup, 1/2 sandwich combo.

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                    So, in your humble opinion, going to a department store and schlepping through it or spending bucks at Bouchon are the best options? I would never think to hike through a department store when I am in a hurry.

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                      Well, I'm usually there buying shoes, because I'm a crazy 'shoe-dee' so it's nice to have food afterward....and great food it is, after the shopping workout.

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                        I really like NMFM, and there is no "schlepping" involved.

                        Just a couple of escalator rides while you take in the eye candy.

                        Win-win in my book.

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                        Good to know, maudie.

                        I'll either eat at Mariposa or Bar on 4...at least once a week and I've yet to try NM Fresh Market.
                        I've heard good things about it.

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                          Fresh Market on the 3rd floor at NM has excellent salads and sandwiches and validates for 3 hours. The servers have all been there for about 20 years and very kind and professional As to a previous poster saying "I would never think to hike through a department store when I am in a hurry," Sorry, you are just plain wrong. Try Fresh Market. Food is extremely fresh, seating is comfortable, wonderful menu, service is excellent. Reuben and Rina have been there forever. Nice, when I sit down and am immediately brought my beverage of choice.

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                            Thanks again.

                            As I've stated I love Mariposa and Bar on 4 and judging by the menu I know this will be part of my new rotation at my beloved Neiman Marcus :).

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                              If its anything like Barney Greengrass I will have to pass.

                              Maybe I'm just not a fan of these department store restaurants.

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                            Very good idea. I've eaten at Mariposa quite often but never at Fresh Market.

                            Cabbage Patch is very popular for salads and "bowl food." Their gyros are served with excellent fresh flatbread. Don't know if you count that as a sandwich or "ethnic."

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                              The sandwiches at cabbage patch are excellent, as is the gyros

                        2. "Quick lunch" is an oxymoron. Any good eatery will be crowded at lunch time and,therefore, not very quick.

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                            Disagree with your blanket assessment. Fresh Market at N.M. rarely has a line, has enough servers to handle the small cafe &the food is excellent.. Even when all of the tables are filled and the counter is filled, the service is so efficient that there is rarely a long wait.

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                              What's the point of good service if there's no place to sit and eat when you have only an hour for lunch? If everything is filled, there's bound to be a small line. Forget a long wait; even a short one, when you have limited time, means you'll have to rush through.

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                                Actually, if you go at noon, Lemonade and La Pain Quitian both are good and fit the bill. Also, there is a new market/cafe on Canon just south of Santa Monica on the east side that looks interesting. Lots of seating.

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                                  Evidently there is a branch of the Torrance Cafe & Bakery, L'Amande http://losangeles.grubstreet.com/2013... either open or about to open on Santa Monica Blvd. in between Camden and Rodeo. Anyone know anything about that place/location?

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                                  There's always great service, good food and no line where I eat in BH.
                                  I have no idea where you've eaten but it's not the case where I dine.

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                                I agree, mucho gordo, I've never had a "quick" lunch anywhere in BH. Just doesn't seem very probable. I can't think of one place I'd recommend.

                              3. Love M Cafe on Brighton. Order @ counter, so definitely fast. Healthy and delicious.

                                1. Choppe Choppe is now gone. Closed a week ago. Apparently had issues with venting, and couldn't keep the aromas of their food out of neighboring spaces, at least that's what we heard was the reason. (My office is a few doors down.). In that neighborhood, the BH Triangle, my everyday restaurant is Walter's in the office building on northwest corner of Camden and Wilshire. Some of the daily soups are very good (albondigas (Thurs) and matzo ball/chicken noodle (Tues) - but NOT the clam chowder (Fri). And their salads are also very good. And the nicest people anywhere. More upscale, is Bedford and Burns, which is pretty good. Much better, though, for a nicer dining experience at lunch is DOMA, a few doors north of Mr. Chow.

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