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May 10, 2013 08:13 AM

Where to eat in Arlington Virginia?

I saw a recent discussion here on CHOW about places to eat in Washington DC and Baltimore. It got me wondering about Arlington specifically.

Any suggestions for interesting places, particularly non-big chain, with good food?

We found Rockland's Barbeque on Fairfax Drive totally by chance. There are a few of them around the area, but clearly has that local vibe going on. The food was really good and they have plenty of seating in a retro feeling space. It's great for all ages when you aren't aiming for fussy.

Not too focused on a price point with my question here, as I'd like to learn about anything noteworthy. We sometimes splurge, though mostly aim for budget dining.

Oh, and we rarely drink, so bar/no bar, doesn't matter to us.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. @jallen - just do a search for Arlington in the search bar on the top right there are a ton of postings

    1. Bingo! Thank you agarnett100. Didn't think of that.

      Additions always appreciated.

      1. Arlington County is pretty small and there are a lot of great eats just across the county line in Falls Church. Do you want to hear about those places as well? I live in Arlington, but I am surrounding by quite a few terrific eats within a five minute drive or a long walk in nice weather.

        1. I recently went to Il Portofino on S. 23rd St and had a very good meal with home made pasta, wild mushrooms, custom sauce, and a true zabaglione made to order. Caveat: I was with an Italian who jabbered away with the owner in Italian, so I don't know how it would be if I were to return.

          1. @Steve - sure. Always open to ideas.

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              Here is my list of the best things to eat in the area. Since you are new to this site, please realize it assumes you are willing to explore with no limitations:

              Taqueria El Charrito Caminante: Taco de Cabrito
              Lyon Hall: Kraut Garnie, Warm Pretzels
              Thai Square: Yum Pla Krob/Yum Pla Dook Foo
              Me Jana: Mezze Platter
              Bayou Bakery: Arm Drip Sandwich
              Pupatella: Burrata Pizza
              Gharer Khabar: Moghlai Parota, Chatpati
              Nha Trang: Noodles with shrimp paste in the shape of worms

              Falls Church:
              Luzmilla's: Saltenas, mocochincho
              Hong Kong Palace: Chengdu Cold Noodles
              Bangkok Golden, Lao Menu: Nam Khao
              Myanmar: Ginger Salad
              Jerusalem: Musakhan
              Mirage: Lomo Saltado
              Fairfax Inn: Daing Na Bangus

              The list includes only those items which you can always find on the menu. Check for hours of operation, etc.

              1. re: Steve

                Steve, have you ever tried Fettoosh (Moroccan) next to Pupatella? I always want to try it out, but after the long drive from Baltimore, we fill up at Pupatella. Also, how would you rank Duangrat's takeout counter? Another place I always want to checkout, but can never pull myself out of Eden Center.

                I would also recommend Pupatella's doughnuts, specfically the cream-filled one. We've also sampled chocolate-frosted, nutella-filled, and plain, but we always go for the cream-filled now.

                1. re: bmorecupcake

                  Yes, I've been to Fettoush. We had lentil soup, couscous with lamb, and b'stilla. Both the soup and the couscous were thoroughly uninteresting, kind of bland. The b'stilla was great, a knockout. Works well to take home. That's the only thing I'd touch there.

                  Duangrat's takeout has items not on the restaurant menu, and they also offer Lao (Issan Thai) food. Their Nam Khao is very good. Lat time I was there they didn't have English translation for the menu, but I'm pretty sure they do by now.

                  Lots of great items at Pupatella, including the panzarotti and anancini.

                2. re: Steve

                  Awesome! Thank you Steve. This is a fun list. Can't wait to start exploring.