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Best Cannoli in Houston Area

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  • fishtank Oct 18, 2002 05:07 PM
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Thanks in advance!


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  1. Nino's on W. Dallas has some good ones!

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    1. re: Frank M

      da marco....all made in chop...dat day...simpel...good

    2. Best cannoli anywhere: www.cannoli-enterprises.com

      Link: http://www.cannoli-enterprises.com

      1. Any recent finds for the Best Cannoli in Houston? This thread is quite old so I was hoping there may be some new places that have popped up.


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        1. re: not.that.lisa

          Amici in Sugarland Town Square.

          Ciao Ya'll!

          1. re: not.that.lisa

            i like the bite sized 3/order they serve up at Dolce Vita...

            1. re: bornie

              Agreed with Dolce Vita. I also like Da Marco's.