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May 10, 2013 06:13 AM

What can i eat?

Doctor says no red meat,no eggs,no dairy! So my questions is help what do i eat? Turkey,fish,seafood,chicken. Only so much i can do withthem,help please?

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  1. Do you like Chinese food? There is almost never any dairy, and countless recipes that use poultry or fish as a protein.

    Also, take a look at recipes from the Mediterranean region. There olive oil is used instead of butter as a cooking fat. There are so many delicious things to try. Think southern France or Italy, or Greece, the Balkans, the Middle East and Turkey...

    1. High cholesterol? There are so many things beside red meat, eggs and dairy. Obviously, a shift to vegetables will be beneficial for most people. In term of meat, like you said, fish, chicken, and turkey are great. Beware of "seafood", as many are high in cholesterol -- assuming you are doing this due to a cholesterol problem.

      For inspiration, I would look into Indian cooking and Chinese cooking. Indian cooking is vegetarian based, with little meat, and eggs. Traditional Chinese cooking has little red meat and little dairy. There really are many options out there, but you have to start to explore and willing to accept.

      1. This is probably a good post for the special diets board.

        As Pinch and Chemical said, there are still tons of foods you can eat, but not knowing what you like, I wouldn't know where to begin to direct you. What were you used to eating for your meals? What foods and cuisines do you most enjoy?

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          I am just an allergy prone person. Chocolate,milk,eggs,coconut,also peanuts. Just have to be cafeful where i eat. Willing to try new foods just thougt i might ask .

        2. Sorry to question a Medical Deity, but is this about cholesterol or something else? If the former, s/he seems to be using old, outdated information about what is healthy to eat. I won't go into details, just suggest you do your own research before, um, swallowing this.

          1. No cholesterol problem. Just can't digest red meat it makes me sick.i am lactose intolorent and eggs went when the milk went. Since this diet change i have lost weight but having to find the food to eat is hard for me. Also no coconut or chocolate bummer too. It is mostley allergies.

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              You have my sympathy. So no beef or lamb. Does pork count as 'red'? Does boar count as pork? There is a wide variety of game (often farm raised), you might check the D'artagnan A variety of birds beyond chicken and turkey, which do get boring. And there is far greater variety of seafood than land food. Don't forget frog legs!

              1. re: mikilu

                I'm sorry for you too. It sounds like a big shake up to your normal dietary habits and that is difficult, to say the least. Do you like tofu and tempeh? They are good sources of plant-based protein. Avocados would be a good source of good fat and I find them to be very satisfying - especially smeared on a piece of toast w/ cumin, chili powder, red pepper flakes, s&p. Of course you would need dairy-free bread.

                Often times I pick an ingredient - say tempeh - and then I search Chowhound for new ideas on how to prepare it. Even ingredients you are familiar with - say chicken thighs. There are countless threads about what to do with chicken thighs. Or start a new thread.

                Hang tough mikilu. Good health and feeling well will be your reward.

                1. re: mikilu

                  eggs aren't dairy. or do you mean you used to use milk when preparing eggs? there are about a gajillion ways to eat eggs without dairy.

                  also try incorporating coconut milk in place of cream. you should also be able to tolerate ghee since it has no milk solids.