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May 9, 2013 11:29 AM

Bend, Oregon recommendations

Hope you see this before they take it down, because it isn't about Portland and this is a Portland-only board....

Was in Bend for a weekend last year for my b-day, and we found an awesome breakfast/brunch place called, appropriately enough, Chow:

I didn't get to Sparrow Bakery (which was recommended to me, as well) because we ate at Chow BOTH mornings we were there. ;o


10 Barrel Brewing in Bend makes some great beers.

Goody's in Bend has good ice cream sundaes and decent chocolates.

Skip Ariana in Bend for dinner - it is pricey and mediocre. Haven't been but I hear that Zydeco is good and that 900 Wall St. is inconsistent - sometimes great, sometimes not so good.

Do the fairly easy Tumalo Falls hike when you are there to get outdoors and see how amazingly beautiful that area is.

If you have never been to a High Dessert Museum, the one in Bend is interesting and informative - part zoo, part natural history museum, part local history museum...worth the time and effort.

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  1. Thanks JillO. I have been contacted by the moderator and understand my mistake. But here's your input so I guess nothing's been lost.

    I will definitely consider Chowbend, I would happily eat breakfast/brunch three times a day (or more). And I suppose a hike afterwords would strike a health balance :)

    Thank you.