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May 10, 2013 03:21 AM

Help with understanding Chez L'ami Jean phone message :-)

Sorry about that, but trying to call, and if i got it correctly they might be closed, at least today ? I understood ferme and of course reservation or something like that, but actually not sure if i could leave a message there with a reservation details..Would be great to get translation for message by the nice woman voice, and if leaving my details after that message makes sense "-)

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  1. They're closed, not reopening until the 14th. (This whole week is like one big, rainy holiday in France.) No reservations through the answering machine.

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      Thanks a lot for that, very nice of you :-) I had the feeling that something is "a bit weird", first of all getting a message there opposite to my calls in the past, and also hearing the word ferme inbetween the lines, good to remember some basic words here and there "-) Will try to call them next week or so, i think that even coming without notice next week for lunch after the 14th will not be too risky..