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May 9, 2013 09:18 PM

Coming to MTL for a few nights

Hello Montreal Chowhound,

My wife and are coming up from Vermont for a couple of nights late next week to celebrate my 40th birthday. We spend a few weekends a year in Montreal and love the city. We have been to many restaurants over the past several years (Lemeac, Garde Manger, Trois Petits Bouchon, Joe Beef, etc.), but I'm curious to hear what is exciting and new these days? Any suggestions for a few great nights out? We are not huge fans of the extremely experimental molecular gastronomy places (like we experienced a while back at Toque), but we are open to almost anything. We do like more lively and hip places, just to provide a bit of direction. We will likely be staying up near Parc Mont Royal.

I appreciate any suggestions that you all can provide. We've found a lot of great places thanks to your suggestions over the years, so thank you all for that!

All the best!

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  1. I just wanted to second this post! Heading up to Montreal tonight after a very late minute sale fare. Reservations at the hot spots are likely taken - but what hidden gems and new spots can't we miss? From cheapest to most expensive.


    1. Check the 'whats new montreal?' thread from last week

      1. I would definitely go to L e Filet if you can get in. If not there is hotel Herman nearby. I would start there...

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          Thank you Gloriaa! I appreciate the suggestion. I will definitely look into Le Filet and Hotel Herman.

          Please keep the suggestions coming! We are not limited specifically to the area close to Mont Royal. We can make our way to other areas of town if we need to.

          Thank so much!