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May 9, 2013 08:39 PM

Where to you go for Portuguese Bean Soup and why?

I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I like the PBS at Zippys. It has a rich deep flavor, a reasonable amount of sausage, maybe a bit skimpy on ham hocks, and its not overwhelmed with macaroni. I also love the PBS at Honey Glazed Hams on S. King Street. Lots of ham flavor in that one and the other flavorings are well balanced too. Proportionally more ham and less sausage than zippys, but not a shortage of either.

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  1. Certainly not BCD at least in Kailua. I prefer to make my own with NS Cattle Co. Portuguese sausage, watercress using Bev Gannon's recipe from the Haliimaile General Store cookbook, winnah's every time!

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    1. re: manomin

      I don't know as I've ever had BCD's PBS. Watercress, now that's an interesting variation. I may have to visit the library to look up the Gannon recipe. Thanks manomin!

      1. re: KaimukiMan

        OK, I have to correct myself, looking at an old thread on this subject I see that I did try BCD's before and didn't like it at all. Must be why I haven't tried it again. LOL

        I'm not sure they have it any more, really don't remember seeing it as the soup of the day.

    2. Why would you be ashamed to eat at Zippy's?? It's a great place to dine and a local institution! Wish we had the same in NYC!!!

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      1. re: UES Mayor

        Most of the things at Zippy's are good, a few aren't (personal opinion is they need to 86 or reinvent their katsu) but it seems like there should be PBS from somewhere that I like a whole lot more than I like Zippy's.

        In general Zippy's tends to skimp on portion size, and service while usually adequate isn't wonderful, nor is Zippy's the bargain it once was.

        On the other hand it beats the heck out of L&L drive in, someplace (again personal opinion) I just can't stomach. One shouldn't walk out of a place vibrating from the msg and salt overload when you ordered hamburger steak with gravy on the rice.

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            not being a coffee drinker I didn't know that, but when I think about it, none of my friends order coffee there.