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May 9, 2013 07:07 PM

Where to get white charcoal (binchotan) in Alberta?

Is it possible to get white charcoal anywhere in Alberta? I prefer Japanese, but I'll take Indonesian or other high quality imitators too. BBQs Galore doesn't seem to carry it, and I thought maybe someone here might be hardcore about what they grill over and know a source before I call every possible store in the province. Thanks.

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  1. I've never seen it here. You can buy it on line. This site has 20lb bags for $120. I'm not sure about shipping, but when I import knives from Japan shipping is surprisingly cheap.

    1. I asked the chef at my sushi place and he said he had never seen it for sale in Calgary and he has been here for about 20 years.
      He did mention that there was a yakitori restaurant in Vancouver that used it and that they imported from Japan. Maybe if you contacted them they could hook you up with a source.

      1. Thanks for the leads. That online price is pretty steep considering what it costs in Japan, though I understand getting it here is half the cost. I just feel like if I keep looking maybe someone is bringing enough of it over that I can get a better deal.

        I am very interested in this yakitori place. Vancouver is far, but it being in the same country means shipping from there to here would be less. I will try getting in touch. They look pretty corporate so I'm not sure they'll go for it, but my love for yakitori runs deep.

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          Just some other thoughts.

          Lethbridge has a higher (the highest?) concentration of Japanese people in Alberta. Perhaps a retailer there would carry it.

          Post a query on the BC forum - same logic - more Asian markets.

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