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May 9, 2013 04:22 PM

60th birthday lunch/outing ideas

Can anyone offer any ideas for a group of women to celebrate a 60th bday? We'd love to have some kind of fun activity to do before or after lunch but even a fun or charming restaurant idea would be really appreciated. We live in the San Jose area but are willing to travel a bit (within an hour) if it's the right idea.

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  1. I should add that we are going this month, Thursday,May 23 just in case anyone knows of an event or show of some kind to suggest.

    1. Random ideas for you, as you don't provide enough specifics about what you like:

      Have lunch at Greens at Fort Mason, and visit a museum there (the Mexican Museum has an exhibition that's on my list right now.

      The Museum of Modern Art in SF will close in June for a remodel, so it would be a good place to visit, followed with a lunch at Zero Zero.

      Go shopping at Westfield and have lunch at MY China, Cupola Pizzeria or LarkCreekSteak.

      Ride a cable car, go shopping at Neiman Marcus and have lunch in the Rotunda.

      And happy birthday!

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        Really great ideas, thanks so much. I'll share these with the others and see if we can agree on one. They are all going on my list! Really appreciate the help.

        1. re: foodeye

          As long as we're talking museums, the Terracotta Warriors from China will be at the Asian Art museum through 5/27 and are well worth seeing.

          If you really want to make a day, have an early lunch, then some activity (dim sum at Yank Sing, then Terracotta Warriors might be a fun combo), then afternoon tea (there's a recent thread on afternoon tea).

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            I second the Terra Cota Warriors idea. Saw them in New York with a group of six friends turning 60 and was enjoyed by all.