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May 9, 2013 04:08 PM

Stockton Market ~ restauarnt suggestions

I am thinking about taking a trip to the Stockton Market on Sat. and was wondering what are some good choices for lunch or early dinner? We will have my 2 year old with us, so nothing upscale. Is the Stockton Inn worth a visit or should I go into another town?

I am clueless in this part of any advice would be great!! :)

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  1. Right across from the Stockton Market you have both the Stockton Inn and Lily's Meals (the replacement for the former Miels restaurant).

    Across the river (you can walk) you have DIlly's Corner which is a hot dog/hamburger stand with tables that might work really well with a two year old.

    I think you would find either Dilly's or Lilly's (rhyme not intended) to be a great place for a small child. You are also only about five miles from Lambertville and New Hope...

    You will also find plenty to that is ready eat in the stockton market, including bbq, sandwiches, tacos, pastries as well as produce.

    1. Agree with cwdonald on this one. With a 2 year old in tow and the provision that it not be upscale, Dilly's is a natural choice. You'll find both New Hope and Lambertville crowded (although the weather promises to be iffy), so I might avoid them. On the outskirts of New Hope is Jamie Hollander's, a gourmet food shop that has table seating, makes great sandwiches and pizzas and has plenty of parking. I'd go with Dilly's, if you're going to Stockton Market.

      1. Oh goodness - PLEASE don't go to Dilly's. It's awful. Just because you have a 2 year old doesn't mean you need to eat gross hot dogs on a picnic bench! There are so many other good options. First, in the market there are several good choices. Both the Stockton Inn and Lillys, IMO, serve mediocre food. The Stockton Inn, though, is historic and a nice setting. Down the road is Lambertville with many many good options. I'm sure you can do a search on Chowhound and find lots of opinions. Marhaba is nice and casual for your little one.
        In the opposite direction is Frenchtown, again, with many options. My favorites are Lovin Oven and Bridge Street Café.
        If you are not up for a road trip, just pick up something in the market. The BBQ is great and the Mexican is not bad. Delicious ice cream, too!

        1. We were here yesterday, and I wanted to let you know we ate at Lilly's and had a fabulous lunch!! I like the decor inside, with all the art work. Anyway, we had the lamb souvlaki, but I wish they served it with tzatiki sauce or even plain yogurt instead of that horrible bottled rance dressing...yuck! It did also come with hummus, but I love my lamb with yogurt!

          My husband had the burger. The beef is from grass fed cows, and it was rather tastier than the usual beef. I ordered a mini chicken pot pie for my daughter, but she did not eat any of it. Only because she was too busy playing her games on my phone. It was more like a chicken soup. I did not see any puff pastry on tip, and I never tasted it, but when it came out it looked like a bowl of soup.

          Overall, it was enjoyable and it was a beautiful Sunday out in Stockton!! (We did some walking in Lambertville prior to hitting up Stockton Market!)