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May 9, 2013 03:24 PM

Best Sunday brunch place, quiet, Miracle Mile or Astor Place area?

Looking for the best Sunday brunch restaurant near the Miracle Mile or Astor Place, quiet and delicious!

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  1. Well, the Miracle Mile is in Los Angeles, and Astor Place is in New York City, LOL! I'm guessing you mean the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, and maybe North Astor Street in Chicago's Gold Coast...? Here are two suggestions, one near each street.

    The Magnificent (Mag) Mile is North Michigan Avenue from the river (roughly 300N in our numbering scheme) to Oak Street (1000N). I like the Sunday brunch at Café des Architectes, in the Sofitel right off the Mag Mile. It's not overly loud, the food is very good (I especially enjoy their sampler plate), and the complimentary bread basket includes wonderful French breads and pastries.

    North Astor runs between Division (1200N) and North (1600N). A few blocks to the west is Salpicon, one of our excellent contemporary Mexican restaurants. I had Sunday brunch there about a month ago and it was terrific. Also not overly loud.

    I recommend making reservations in advance. You can do so for either of these on (as well as over the phone, of course).

    1. The best? I would have to go with the Peninsula lobby restaurant brunch. I've been to the Ritz and 4 Seasons and I'd give the nod to the Peninsula.

      All of these are expensive.

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        Those three - all just off the Magnificent Mile - are also good suggestions, especially if you're looking for a luxurious setting. At all three, the rooms are fairly large but the tables are spaced far apart so they're not overly loud. The Lobby serves a very upscale buffet and I believe the price is in the sixties. Allium, the restaurant in the Four Seasons, serves small plates family style, a choice of entrée, and a dessert buffet, all for $58. Brunch at deca, in the Ritz-Carlton, is a la carte. All three offer special brunches on holidays like Easter and Mother's Day, with prices in the $115-140 range.