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May 9, 2013 02:37 PM

What Cookware to Buy in Italy & Turkey?

I live in India and will be in Italy & Turkey this summer. I would love to bring back some quality cookware from Italy with me like - Lagostina aluminum skillets/stock pots, a Le Creuset dutch oven, a bigger Bialetti moka pot (and possibly even sweet talk my MIL into parting with some of her multiple old school copper pots..heh) I would welcome suggestions on what brands to look out for and suggestions for a good place in Rome to browse cookware/kitchenware.

Same goes for stuff in Turkey - specifically Istanbul, though we'll be there for a shorter period of time.

I'm always a little skeptical about buying stuff abroad since I know a lot of cookware is made in India. (I was surprised to find the replacement bowl for my Kitchen Aid Mixer that I lugged to India from the US was made in India!). Any inputs on why it makes absolutely sense to get something in Italy/Turkey cost-wise would be welcome.


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  1. I cant speak to where its was actually made but my mother brought back a gorgeous copper pot she bought in a Turkish market in Istanbul. It was quarter of the price of ones she saw in the stated. My brother has it now.

    1. Hi, Kid:

      Rameria Mazzetti in Montepulciano, Tuscany makes excellent copperware. Affordable too, if you buy it there.


      1. I think Agnelli cookware should be one of the best!

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          SILGA, specifically the TEKNIKA line.
          Fabricated in Milano, 100 %.

          Amazing results when using this cookware. Ours is used at home constantly.

          Even considered to be the best of the best in Germany, carried under the Rösle name as a separate line.

        2. Where can I get Turkish Künefe pans