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"Healthy" crackers and other snacks

I'm making up a birthday basket for my brother. In the past I have always included his favorite chocolate, high fat cheeses, ice cream, etc. However, this year he is training for a death march type mountain bike trek in July and has given up all of these things and more, including all of his favorite junk foods. I've decided to give him a gin and tonic basket based on the theory that if he doesn't open it before he goes he certainly will when he gets back. I have the gin and the tonic covered, along with a set of Tervis tumblers, but would like to include a few snacks. I have nuts and pepper jack cheese and would like to include a cracker. Could anyone suggest something "healthy" and tasty? Salt is not a factor; sugar is. Also he does not care for pickled or brined things, which eliminates olives. I'd like to give him things that would not mess up his program should he choose to indulge before his trip, but would go well with the G&T.

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  1. Not sure where you are located by one of my new favorites is the "Simply Enjoy" line of bread sticks from Stop and SHop.

    ingredient list: Wheat Flour, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Yeast, Malt, Salt.

    The rosemary ones are particularly good! Would be great with a cocktail.

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    1. re: foodieX2

      No Stop&Shops here (MSP) but WFs/TJs and plenty of co-ops and gourmet shops.

      Thank you. I LOVE the idea of breadsticks!

      1. re: Pwmfan

        they will have something similar I am sure. Good luck! You are a nice sister. :)

    2. Wasa multi grain or rye, Finn crisps. They're tasty and high fiber.

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        I prefer Kavli crackers which are similar. Tasty, low calorie, high fiber. Whole Foods carries them.

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          I buy them sometimes because they're so thin and low carb, but they're also much drier and less tasty than the others, IMO.

          1. re: mcf

            Tastes must differ. I find the Finn crisps ultra tasteless, plus one time I got them, they all curled up. Wasa's are OK, but they're a lot thicker than the Kavli's. I only get the rye and the blue box (multigrain), though.

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              Wasas are thicker, but not that much carbier; the multi grain is very light, lots of air bubbles baked in. Finn does curve, but we don't really care. Taste like rye to me.

      2. These are a current favorite, La Panzanella Croccantini. Very thin and delciious. Costco has their sea salt and rosemary:


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          These are my personal favorites (espicially the minis). I don't buy them often, as I can devour the entire package in a very short time (so a Costco-size package could be very dangerous!). I haven't seen them at my Costco but you can be sure I'll look for them next trip.

          1. re: Pwmfan

            My carb-averse wife ate nearly an entire pack (from the Costco three pack) with butter when we first bought them.

        2. I love Dr. Kracker crackers. I get them at the co-op.

          1. Trader Joe's 12-Grain Crackers are one of my staples. They are very tasty with a hint of sweetness, akin to a multigrain Ritz. Here are the vitals: enriched wheat flour, sunflower oil, sugar, Scotch oatmeal, inulin, rye flour, multigrain flour blend(wheat, rye, triticale, barley, corn, millet, soybean, sunflower seeds, rice, flax, durum wheat, oats), wheat germ, modified corn starch, salt, invert syrup, sodium bicarbonate, onion powder, malt flour, monocalcium phosphate, enzymes.
            30gram serving: 140 calories(60 from fat), total fat 6gm (saturated fat .5gm)180mg sodium, dietary fiber 3gm, sugars 2gm, protein 2gm

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              I try to eat healthy, and sorry to say, these are the type of crackers I try to avoid.... Too much white flour and sugar, very little whole grain. And I don't digest inulin well...so I really try to avoid when doing long training runs.

              1. re: firecooked

                Which, if any, crackers do you like?

                1. re: Pwmfan

                  Dr. Krackers, ak-mal wheat crackers, and there is a European rye cracker that I can't remember the name of... I also have a weakness for the TJ multigrain pita bites, which are only a slight improvement over the 12-grain crackers mentioned.

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                    Ryvita? They make a bunch of good ones, similar to Wasa.

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                  Which, if any, crackers do you enjoy?

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                    Yeah, I wouldn't eat them either.

                3. I found the Crunchmaster brand of Mult-Grain Crackers a few months back and buy them in bulk now at Sam's Club. They're soooooo good! Oven baked and super crunchy. I've also seen the in the deli areas of Kroger and Wal-Mart. http://www.samsclub.com/sams/crunchma...

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                    Costco also sells Crunchmaster. Zero sugars, 21 carb. 3 fiber in a 15 piece serving size.

                  2. Have you thought about beef jerky? I know you weren't asking about it, specifically, but my triathlete friends all love beef jerky, and it seems to fit in the training diet. There are some really good high end brands out there.

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                      No, I hadn't, but that's great idea. There are a couple of places in my area that are supposed to make great jerky. I can't indulge (dental isseus) but I think he would love it-Thanks!

                    2. Have you tried the Lentil chips? They come in quite a few flavors. Really nice crisp and light chip. Whole Food and health food stores carry them.


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                      1. re: HillJ

                        We threw those lentil chips away, could not eat them due to a nasty bitter taste. I know tastes differ, but we both hated them.

                        1. re: mcf

                          No kidding, mcf. We bought a few cases. It's a NJ company so I was double delighted! I really enjoy them. Hey, you tried!

                          1. re: HillJ

                            Yeah, I did! It must be one of those genetic tastebud things, like cilantro tasting soapy, or sweeteners with bad aftertaste ( I have that one). I couldn't believe how awful they were.

                            1. re: mcf

                              For me it's always a texture thing and this texture I like a lot...especially the rosemary version. Funny you mention soapy taste because when I was younger candy violets and fresh lavender both tasted like soap to me...but not anymore :)

                              Do you remember which flavor you tried but didn't care for?

                              1. re: HillJ

                                I think it was just plain lentil. I rarely buy flavors of things like chips.

                      2. My new fave is Raincoast Crisps Crackers,found them at WF.
                        They are very unusual and very delish.
                        Another would be Mary's Gone Crackers.

                        1. T.J.'s multigrain crackers?

                          1. I just had the best crackers I've ever tasted. They are Trader Joes Edamame crackers, I got them because our friends are vegan but geez I fell in love. It was something like 30 crackers for 100 calories on top of everything, they were delicious.


                            1. The cracker that I associate with treks is pilot bread, the real-earth version of elvish cram.


                              we just missed the 2nd annual international pilot bread festival in Ketchikan