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May 9, 2013 02:03 PM

The Chowda House ~ Red Bank

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  1. Online menu has no prices. Why bother posting one?

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      1. re: sockster

        OK, I see the link down at the bottom of the page. May have to check out the Fish & Chips...

    1. Stopped by last night and was impressed. A clean, bright space with both a takeout counter and a nice dining area. Preparations are being made for an alfresco dining area out back which will be open by the official grand opening on June 8th. Not sure if it is a temporary situation, but for those with kids they currently have booster seats but no high chairs.

      Started out with a cup of Manhattan clam chowder, which was nicely seasoned and featured lots of clams as well as veggies that were still firm. Portion was large and only $2.95.

      Then I opted for the Fish & Chips. 3 decent sized battered and fried pieces (cod I believe) served in a basket on home sliced fries with a small container of nicely dressed cole slaw. Some tartar sauce and malt vinegar are provided as accompaniments. I generally like my tartar sauce with a little more zing. The fries were quite good and I hope they are able to maintain the quality as fries made from fresh sliced potatoes are notoriously difficult to produce consistently given the variability of moisture and starch.

      I would have enjoyed some more slaw, but honestly this meal is offered for a mere $9.99. This is $5 to $9 less than similar dishes offered in the area! Other menu prices here are equally reasonable. Service was prompt and friendly.

      All in all a nice addition to the shore seafood scene, which has long been dominated with impressive views coupled with overpriced mediocre seafood. Hopefully Chowda House will be able to maintain the focus on the food even when the inevitable crowds start swarming in...

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      1. re: equal_Mark

        Nice review, Mark! Funny, we were going to try it last night, but instead we headed to Mossutto's in Wall for some amazing pizza!!! (as always)

        Thanks for taking one for the team! This is definitely on our "go to" list. Is it located in the Galleria? Do they have specials as well as what is on the menu?

        Thanks again!!

        1. re: Angelina

          It is actually south of the Galleria. It is on the other end of the block where Senor Peppers is located, directly across from the train station. Yes, they do offer some off menu specials. I'd liken them to a mini version of Mr. Shrimp in Belmar.

      2. Sounds promising! Plan to give them a try very soon. I was excited to hear about the malt vinegar, brings me back to the excellent Fanwood Chippery days!

        After many delays, a new Fanwood Chippery is said to open soon.

        1. Wow! Stuffies! That's REAL Rhode Island! Too bad it isn't closer to Bergen...(:

          1. So I had to post about this place! We went this past Sunday (Mother's Day) and I am so glad we did!!

            First off, the place is super clean and cozy. They have a huge outdoor backyard that will open soon with picnic tables. The waitress was very friendly, and the owners were very kind as well! A delight to speak with!

            Now, the food. The NE clam chowder was very tasty. Had a lot of clams, not loaded with potatoes like most places. My mother and I were very pleased with the soup. My husband had an appetizer of the fried clams and they were excellent! Huge clams..the belly of the clam, not those rinky-dink ones most places serve.

            We also had delish fresh oysters, and I have to tell you..we have not had oysters like this in quite some time. I never like to order them because they aren't usually fresh. Last time we were at Avenue in Long Branch we were so disappointed in the freshness of the oysters. Chowda House gets and A+ from us on these oysters!!!

            For dinner, both my husband and I had the seared scallops. They were so good! Reminded me of this off-the beatn path place in Cape May. They were delish! My mother had scrimp scampi over linguine...again..FRESH! I know I sound so repetitive, but usually seafood is not always the freshest in some restaurants, but this gem of a restaurant was! Her sauce was nice and garlicky, too!!

            My daughter had the kids fish & chips..I should say I had the kids fish and chips!! She ate the fries, and we all shared her fish bites! so good!!

            No room for dessert, but we will definitely be back ASAP!! We even overheard the table next to us complementing the owner on the quality and the taste of all their dishes! Overall, we were all very pleased!! Well worth a trip. It is a BYOB, located across from the train station in Red Bank. I am very happy we had our Mother's Day meals here. Worth the trip for us and you should all check out the place!

            The owners were very gracious, and the waitress was great, too!!

            Next time in Red Bank, check out the place!!

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            1. re: Angelina

              Thanks, Angelina. Those fried belly clams have made me decide where I'm goin' the next time I head to Red Bank.

              1. re: MGZ

                Not being a big "seafood" guy, I think I've established that on these boards, there are a few seafood items that I do truly enjoy.

                One are fresh clams roasted on a grill with drawn butter on the side. Another are those frozen and processes fried clam strips, but fried belly clams? That's a new one too me, my first impression is they must be chewy, no?

                I also really enjoy Ne clam chowder as well as GOOD fish n chips, so I do have every intention of checking this place out.

                1. re: jrvedivici

                  First off, fresh clams on the grill are a thing of beauty. Even if they're cooked over gas flames and paired with cheap canned beer.

                  Second, fried whole clams are not chewy. The "belly" of the soft shell clam (Ipswich, usually) is actually less chewy than the muscle normally used for the strips. My own personal favorite fried clam would be makin' cherrystones at home, but I still haven't figured out how to make 'em like my Grandmother did. I'm gettin' close, but I think it may have something to do with the fact that we dug 'em ourselves and that vegetable oil was different in the 70s-80s.

                  I'm unlikely to get to RB 'til late June. Do me a favor and go try 'em?

                  1. re: MGZ

                    I think there is something about a woman when she becomes a grandmother, she sprinkles everything with a little love that we cannot replicate. From your fried clams, to my meatballs, so very close but just a little off. (Could of course be the oil, but my story is more for the readers)

                    Anywho, if you ask me to bring some BYOB with me to the Chowda house, then I'm pretty sure I can do ya the favor.

                  2. re: jrvedivici

                    I love grilled clams also! I plop down a half drunk beer right on the grill and jam a stick of butter in it and pour it all over the clams when they open. Heaven!

                2. re: Angelina

                  I thought oysters were either fresh or not fresh - not fresh entailing sweating and wriggling in bed in pain and fear if not the hospital