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May 9, 2013 11:51 AM

Restaurant recs between Butte and Missoula off I90

We will be in this area for lunch on July 4th. We are looking for something upscale, not too much so, but after being in a campground for 3 nights, we will be looking for something less rustic.


We could just do a quick lunch and have a nice meal in Spokane, WA.

So, I guess we are looking for either upscale or a quick, good, non-chain restaurant.

Any help is a appreciated!

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  1. You'll find recommendations for Spokane in the Pacific Northwest forum. You may want to search first, as you'll find various Spokane discussions already there, such as these:

    Spokane -

    French and Asian Options in Spokane -

    If you don't find what you're looking for, then that would be the place to post for Spokane help.

    Hopefully someone here can help you on the Montana part of your request. I don't know the area, but I would guess you're more likely to find an upscale place in either of the two cities you mention, rather than between them.

    1. I'd just pack a lunch and go straight to Spokane. Not much on that stretch of road.

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        I sorta figured that with the lack of replies. A picnic lunch is a great idea! Thanks.

      2. btwn Butte and Missoula would mean Missoula. You could probably find something there if you wanted to make that stop. You might like Bernice's Bakery:
        I find it yummy.
        It's a bit of a drive you'll be making, and there won't be anything much along the way that's worth the stop, either. Of course, check ahead that they will be open 7/4.