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May 9, 2013 11:24 AM

Fried chicken

I'd love to get some excellent fried chicken for a picnic this weekend -- good crust, quality chicken, juicy. It's unlikely anyone knows it but growing up the gold standard was IPCM, long-gone from 84th and Madison in NYC, and everything since has failed to live up to it.
Considering takeout from Strip T's but would love other suggestions!

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    1. my gold standard, growing up in Chi-town, was Harold's Chicken Shack, which made a recent national list.

      i have not had Strip-Ts but i like Coast Cafe in Cambridge. I would call Strip-Ts and ask if they can make it from only the dark meat which is tastier and juicier. And, of course, get some hot sauce to go with it.

      you want to eat the chicken within a few minutes; I do not like mine sitting.

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      1. re: cambridgedoctpr

        Thank you so much -- Coast Cafe looked like a winner in the other threads and is open Saturday. The problem is it'll have to travel about 30 minutes. I'd rather cold and crispy than damp and soggy so maybe the key is to make sure it doesn't steam.
        Try Strip T's -- it's delicious!

        1. re: ebaba

          You might want to try it first. I don't care for it. The breading is thicker than what some people like.

          1. re: catsmeow

            i would have said that the coating is thin but lacks spice. i recommend that you give it a second shot.

            coast also lacks a chickenmobile:


            1. re: cambridgedoctpr

              Yeah, unless they've changed over the last couple of years Coast Cafe's coating is on the thinner side.

              I happen to like their chicken but it is certainly controversial. There have been a lot of naysayers here over the years.

          2. re: ebaba

            The only one I've found that holds up on travel is Bon Chon's Korean fried chicken in Allston. It is actually pretty tasty cold.

        2. Try Tu Metapan in East Boston - Yum!

          1. I know this is too late, but you can keep it in mind for the next time, soulfire in allston has some good fried chicken.

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            1. re: lc02139

              Forgot about Soulfire. I second it.

            2. The threat of rain on Saturday meant no picnic so we pushed it to Sunday and had big plans to order takeout from Tupelo. I called just after they opened and was told they weren't doing takeout -- understandable since I'm sure they were slammed with Mother's Day brunch. So no fried chicken after all, and we ended up going to Iggy's -- slim pickings at 11:30!
              Excited to try Tupelo or other next time mom is in town. Thank you for all of the suggestions!