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May 9, 2013 11:07 AM

Help Please! For a Birthday Meal/SEA Wknd

Hey Everyone,

Heading to Seattle in June for the first time for my birthday weekend with my girlfriend. We live in Los Angeles and are very excited to finally visit! We are staying at the Ace Hotel and will probably rent a car. I've been reading through the boards and have gotten a ton of valuable info from you guys and my itinerary looks like this so far:

Arrive at 930pm

-Drinks/light food at Rob Roy and maybe Shorty's

-Late lunch at The Walrus and the Carpenter (going to arrive at 4pm to avoid lines)

-Birthday meal at 930pm or so


-Le Pichet for brunch/lunch

The meal I can't decide on is my birthday meal on Saturday night. Places I have been considering: Sitka & Spruce, Spinasse, MPC, Staple & Fancy, Altura...etc

What we typically like are places with small plates or shared plates - in LA, we love Littlefork, The Hart & The Hunter, Ink...more modern/hip places that don't have white linen table clothes and have exciting food. I like to try a lot of different dishes and flavors. Would love to hear any of your opinions on the itinerary and the meal for Saturday night.

Lastly - I'm a huge coffee fan. My favorite is Blue Bottle out of SF, but I also really enjoy Coava, Victrola and Stumptown. I know the last two places have spots in Seattle, but are there any other must try places? My coffee bar in LA serves the last three I mentioned, so if there is another Seattle institution or maybe even a place with siphon bar, I'd be into it.


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  1. "Sitka & Spruce, Spinasse, MPC, Staple & Fancy, Altura" - all of these are pretty good options for a b-day meal. If money is no object, I'd do Altura (best meal I've had here in the past year or so). I'm a big S&S fan (not all frequent commenters here are) and I think it has the most material local flavor--the others are nice choices but most likely closer to what you can get in LA (seasonal, Italian/-ate).

    Rob Roy has great drinks; have never tried the food. You'll feel right at home with the mid-century modern lounge vibe--maybe it would be more interesting to go to Spur, nearby, good small plates eats and great drinks (but not as extensive a list as RR).

    Coffee - my favorite local roaster is Kuma, which you can find well-served at Trabant in Pioneer Square. Not sure about weekend hours, though.

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    1. I was just in Seattle visiting a few weeks ago (from SF) and had a wonderful food-centric visit. Given your interest in small plates in particular, I wanted to recommend Lark. We had such a good dinner there on our first night that we went back the next night and ate most of the rest of the menu. Coming from CA, it was also focused on different produce than I've been eating here at Bay Area places so that was a real bonus as well. I've also eaten at Spinasse and Sitka & Spruce on prior visits and those were great too, but Lark really stands out for me.

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        Thanks for the reply. Looking into Lark and the others!

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          I too, am a big Lark fan.... they just started on a new menu phase as well, based on John's seasonal cookbook rececently released.... Check it out!

        2. Of the places you're considering (and noting that I haven't been to Altura), I'd recommend the Fancy menu at Staple & Fancy. While all of the restaurants you listed prepare an excellent meal, Staple & Fancy has the most celebratory feel for me.

          It also has the (debatable) advantage of being right next door to your lunch destination.

          1. Altura is probably your best bet. There menu is unique: you can choose from 3-5 courses and pick each course from anywhere in the menu. I tend to only order from the appetizer, pasta and entree section since I am not a fan of sweets.