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May 9, 2013 10:28 AM

Quick eats around Royale

I'm going to a concert at the Royale (279 Tremont). Might be in a rush. Can you suggest a place for a quick bite before the show? Chinatown is nearby, but I don't think I'll have time for a sit-down meal so something like Peach Farm is out. I'll be coming on the Red Line / Park Street. Thanks. (Edit: It'll be around 8:30-9PM.)

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  1. Cocktails and a bite at the W Hotel lounge?

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    1. re: pinehurst

      Thanks, never been there but it sounds dressy, I'll be rather sloppily dressed. (Where did I put that faded Pixies t-shirt...)

    2. A few decent, nearby quick-service or brisk sit-down dining options:

      Four Burgers -- a quality $8 fast-food burger, good salmon-, turkey-, and veggie-burger alternatives, too

      Bento Express -- respectable fast-food Asian, including ramen & udon soups, bento-boxes, rice plates, and sushi

      Maria's Taqueria -- decent if not mind-blowing tacos and burritos

      Pho Pasteur or Pho Hoa -- sit-down, but pretty easy to get in and out if you order quickly, and they do quality pho

      Irashai -- modest sushi and teryaki joint

      Jacob Wirth -- good for a quick burger and beer at the bar, doable if it's slow (avoid the German food).

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        Cool one of these should do it. The quick pho sounds appealing.

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          china town is a few blocks away with a myriad of offerings.

        2. Have fun at the Breeders - see you there!

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          1. re: Small Plates

            Enjoy! I'll be the tall Asian guy in the back who looks like he just gorged on a bowl of pho too fast.

          2. Grab a couple of bahn mi from the place near the McDonalds on Washington St (Saigon Sandwuch?)

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            1. re: C. Hamster

              I might have suggested that, but most Chinatown banh mi joints close by 7:30pm, if they don't run out of bread first.


              1. re: MC Slim JB

                Good to know. I've only been in daylight

            2. Definitely 2nd McSlim's Pho Hoa recommendation. The owners are friendly, the pho is good (and cheap) and they can easily get you out in 30-40mins tops. Decide what you want to eat ahead of time and you can probably get out even quicker. If pho isn't your thing they do a good grilled pork/rice plate with fish sauce.

              This is my go to before a show in the theater district area mainly because it's cheap and the food doesn't make me feel bad.

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              1. re: AaronInBoston

                Pho Hoa is the option I went with last night. I had the pho tai nam with crispy egg rolls. Efficient service as described.