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May 9, 2013 10:20 AM

Shavuot Kiddush Ideas

I am sponsoring second day Shavuot Kiddush at my shul. It will be an ice cream party (dairy). I was looking for suggestions on what else can accompany the ice cream, other then cheesecake, which is a given. It will not be a washing kiddush so no bagels. Preferably cold items, but things that can be refrigerated before Yom Tov would work too - the shul has ovens to heat up.

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  1. I would focus on adding some savory items if you already are having an ice cream party. Crackers, cheese, hummus, veggies, tuna salad, chips and salsa, maybe a noodle kugel (though that's sweet) that you warm up.

    1. Our shul will have their annual MASSIVE shavous kiddush. I am very looking forward to their various cheese blintz offerings. They of course will have the usual assortment of cheese cakes and baked ziti and eggplant Parmesan, and salads ice cream etc. but it is the cheese blintzes that I crave.

      1. Fruit! It is nice to have a healthy option and it does go well with ice cream.

          1. As an update, the kiddush was a huge success and we decided to make it an annual tradition! Ice cream bar was the main attraction with 3 different flavors of ice cream, 2 types of cones and different toppings. Then there was an amazing blintz souffle (I think it may have been the Kosher by Design recipe) and fruit trays. Everyone LOVED it. Thanks everyone for your ideas!