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May 9, 2013 09:11 AM

Toronto restaurants for people with food restrictions

I am going to Toronto next weekend with two friends. One of them is vegan and gluten-free. I would love some recommendations for restaurants. On past trips, we've had luck with small, chef-driven restaurants that either offer vegan options or can prepare something off-menu that is not just a pile of veggies.

We are staying downtown and using public transit. We don't have a limitless budget but we can do one splurge meal. Any cuisine is fine. We like good service and someplace quiet enough for conversation, but food is key. Two of us do not drink for medical reasons so wine lists are not important.

We've never been to Toronto and are looking forward to some delicious food.

Thank you!

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  1. URSA may be a good choice for a splurge, I'm pretty sure they can accommodate vegan and gluten-free. I like the room and remember it as conversation friendly.

    1. Govinda's , The right person in the kitchen should be back .
      Dirt cheap but superb if he is. Call.
      See my prior recent post

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      1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

        I doubt that Govinda is vegan or gluten free. Do they claim so?
        On my last visit I saw cheese (paneer ) and okra in cheese.

        1. re: garfield

          You have to pick from the offerings. But it is really , really good (when the right person is the kitchen) and really ,realy cheap.

      2. Woodlot would be a good choice. They have a separate vegetarian menu that is delicious, and I'm sure they can adapt to accommodate vegan requests.

        Re: Govinda's, this would not qualify for your "splurge meal" criterion, as it's the buffet meal at the Hare Krishna church.

        1. For the not splurge meal you can try Urban Herbivore in the Eaton Center.

          1. Another non splurge option is Fresh on Spadina. They go both gluten free and and vegan options.