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May 9, 2013 09:03 AM


Hi all! I'm a long time lurker and like most people, would like a little dining advice for a trip coming up later this month. TIA and here goes: We arrive in NOLA on Wednesday may 22 and have lunch planned at Dooky Chase and dinner that night at Galatoire's(my fave). Thursday is an early lunch at August then we are going to the Royal Street Stroll and a late dinner that night at Irene's. Friday and Saturday are kind of up in the air, we are definitely going to Coquette one of those nights because I've heard it's great and I have a gift certificate:). Otherwise we are thinking of several places, including Jacques Imo's, Bayona, Stanley, and Pascal's Manale. We will finish our trip with Commanders jazz brunch on Sunday and probably grab a sandwich from Parkway on the way to catch a late flight. So... What to do on Friday and Saturday? All recommendations are greatly appreciated. I just love hearing from all you foodies! Thanks again.

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  1. I'd plug in Clancy's somewhere. We call it the Uptown Galatoire's

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      Thanks for the rec Hazelhurst! I appreciate your time.

    2. I was underwhelmed by Coquette the only time I went, as were the other three people in our group - fish cooked so dry hat it required a knife to cut, no sherry for the sherry drinker in our midst, and a staff that ignored the loud drunken woman from Mississippi who kept trying to interrupt our conversation

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        Thanks for the heads up nymola! Maybe we will use our coquette gift cert for lunch instead of dinner... Any suggestions for Friday and Saturday night dinner?

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          4 of us had a wonderful meal last week at Peche - Donald Link's new seafood restaurant - make your reservations early

          we also had a very good meal at Kingfish - Greg Sonnier's new restaurant in the FQ -

          Our friends had lunch this week at Tableau, Dickie Brennans new placeand loved it - and they are very picky - it's doing a soft opening but should be officially open when you get down here

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            Thanks for the recs nynola I looked over all of their websites and we are going to Tableau for sure! ( as long as we can get a reservation)

      2. I've never been to Coquette for dinner, but I've been many, many times for lunch & brunch. Every time has been wonderful. I'll be there for dinner this Sat. If it's awful, I'll let you know.

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          Would really appreciate it topeater! We will def be using that gift cert I just can't decide for which meal... First world problems I know;)

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            Only had a single dinner at Coquette with a fairly large group and frankly we were disappointed. Starters and desserts were good - very good (if not memorable) and service and ambiance were fine. The mains however were bland and unimpressive and given the prices and our admittedly high expectations we left wishing we had gone elsewhere. By contrast, we absolutely loved Boucherie across the board. Go figure.

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              Thanks Burton! Will look into Boucherie ASAP.

          2. Central grocery for a Muffeletta at lunch, Mr B's for Dinner and night cap at the Carrousel Bar in the Monteleone across the street from Mr. B's

            1. I would second Peche. Went on Saturday night. It was great. I also enjoyed Dante's Kitchen.

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                Thank you all for your replies! I am curious about maybe doing dinner hopping on Friday night... There will only be five of us left at that point. Is this feasible or should we just make reservations at one of your great recs? I just like the idea of trying several places...