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May 9, 2013 08:43 AM

Last Minute Reservations this Friday and Saturday, suggestions please!

We have some guests coming in this weekend from Dallas, and we need to get a reservation for a party of four for both Friday and Saturday night.

They've been to NYC several times, and are pretty familiar with the culinary scene. I've really been wanting to try ABC Kitchen, and now also ABC Cocina, but getting a reservation is hopeless!

Below is the criteria for restaurants that would fit the bill:

1) Upscale but not stuffy or too formal (upscale casual?)
2) Energetic but relaxed (as in we could talk to one another)
3) Upbeat but not trendy
4) Local crowds
5) Ala carte - no prix fixe menus
6) Lighter fare - nothing too heavy
7) Anywhere between Midtown and the Village, or the Upper East Side

Places they've liked in the past: Public, Perry Street, Waverly Inn, Annisa, Minetta Tavern, La Bilboquette, etc.


Thank you, chowhound friends!

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  1. On occasion we've been able to get last minute weekend reservations to Milos.

    1. On occasion we've been able to obtain weekend reservations to Milos with little advance time.

      1. Maysville, just had a fantastic meal last night (will review later today). Showing some availability for Saturday

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        1. re: Spiritchaser

          I second Maysville.

          Also, we had a terrific dinner at Angolo Soho a few weeks ago.
          I've found the service at ABC Kitchen to be consistently terrible at lunch time; I imagine a Friday or Saturday night would be even worse.

        2. Scarpetta shows 7:00 for 4 people on Friday on Open Table.

          1. Le Philosophe
            The Marrow
            Il Buco Alimentari

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            1. re: Riverman500

              Le Philosophe shows only 10:15 for Friday night for 4 people, 10:30pm for Saturday night.

              Louro has 8:30pm on Friday, I'd grab that ASAP. They only have 6:30pm on Saturday night.

              The Marrow has 5:15 and 10:30 on Friday, and only 10:30 on Saturday.

              Il Buco only has 11pm for either Friday or Saturday.

              Perla does not appear to have any tables left for 4 on Friday or Saturday.

              1. re: kathryn

                I'll second Louro. They have more openings than Open Table shows.
                Recette would be good too. Both chefs worked together in the past.