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May 9, 2013 08:38 AM

Indonesian Food Bazaar on Sun, May 26

This is the usual monthly shindig at the mosque. It was very crowded by noonish last month; I'm going to try and get there earlier. Official start time is 11, but some people say there's stuff available by 10, but I don't know.

Masjid Al-Hikmah
48-01 31st Ave
Astoria, NY 11103

Nearest subway: 46 St (R)

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    1. That was last month's. Is it better to post there? With a new thread, people don't have to subscribe to the old one in order to get the new date.

      1. This is still on this Sunday, rain or shine, correct? Just don't want to show up and not see any food.

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        1. re: macman01

          Yup, rain or shine. It did rain once, I think two years ago, so we wound up eating in the car. This is impossible if you don't drive there, though. Many, probably most, of the Indonesians get things to take out, so the rain doesn't bother them as much (except for the getting wet part).

          However, the forecast calls for sun, not rain so, with any luck, this won't be an issue.

          1. re: geckoFeet

            it rained last year (October 2012) but we had arrived pretty early and had a square of table under the tent so it wasn't bad; even then we still got pretty wet (between leaking and blowing rain). people who didn't have the tent were soaked.

        2. Looking forward to it! Went last October (when it poured!) with my family and I believe it was the first time I had ever seen my baby sister really enjoy the food I drag her along to try. I barely got a bite of rendang once she tasted it!

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          1. re: Wildman496

            Boy, I'm glad I don't know your baby sister.

            I got there about 11 today, and it was already kind of crowded. 1 of the things I wanted to try (serabi oncom) was already sold out.

            Did some extenstive testing, and want to state, for the record, that the best sate is the table that's always in the southwest corner of the lot (up against the gate).

            However, didn't try the sate from Warung Surabaya - they were in the center as you walk in. They're from Philly; don't also come to the bazaar, but when they do, the food is always excellent, and served with Indonesian cheerfulness (yay!) and efficiency (cough cough).

            1. re: geckoFeet

              Hey, I'll forgive you for talking about my baby sister like that since you told me about the bazaar! :P

              We got there around 11:30 and it was crowded, though not terribly so. I had to wait on line longer last year. We were pretty disappointed after the great food from last time.

              The satay in the southwest where we went last year was not ready yet so we got an order from the northwest corner table right at the entrance. It was very fatty and had quite a bit of gristle in both the beef and chicken. The peanut sauce was OK but just OK. At $5 and $7, it wasn't all that great a deal either!

              The satay in the northwest corner, which I have had before, was better but was not as good as last time. They pulled it right off the grill and put it onto a plate but it was still pretty close to room temperature. Peanut sauce was far better and they included the rice cakes with around the same number of sticks for $5 each (both beef and chicken - I forget which was $7 at the other stand). Definitely better than the other table but definitely not as good as last time.

              The rendang in the northeast corner manned by three men and one young woman was as delicious as last time. $7 still wasn't a great deal but ah well. I was tempted to try the other food at their table but I was out of cash and my dining partners weren't thrilled with anything but the rendang so weren't willing to cough up some more.

              Would coming earlier result in better food in your opinion? I thought the satay was superb last time in the southwest so I was pretty surprised that it was so cold- last time it was piping hot! Were there any tables that were big standouts for anybody else?