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May 9, 2013 08:31 AM

Much-needed vegetarian, good-vibe Nelli Rae's kitchen in Revere

They just opened yesterday and they're running a limited menu right now, but it's adorable, the coffee's good, strong, and organic. They have smoothies, soup (curried carrot apple today), baked goods (some GF), fresh fruit salad, a nice organic kale salad, and if you look on their fb page you'll see wonderful pictures of great-looking wholesome food to come. It's the kind of place that'll be a comfortable hang-out spot with books, games, and great people. Changing art exhibits on the serenely-colorful walls by local artists. Good bread. Stay tuned. It's on 611 in Revere, just past that deli that's on the right... it's in a cute old house on the left, where Country Town (I think that was the name) used to be.

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  1. Thanks... I'll look for it when I'm up that way! You are right about the Facebook pix.... looks wonderful indeed.

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      Been there a couple more times... very clean, wholesome, refreshing food. GF and paleo friendly offerings. It's a feel-good place (although one could be "bad" there too and overdo it on the good baked goods and good coffee).