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May 9, 2013 07:17 AM

Tyson's Tacos

Anyone tried this place yet. This is where Jalapeno Joe's used to be on airport. Went in for a .99 migas taco this morning and a Bacon, egg and potato taco. Both were solid, with choice of red salsa or green creamy (actually not quite as creamy as Pollo Regio, etc.), but just as good, though just a bit different. The migas taco was not what i expected for .99. It was full, not skimpy at all. Ruta Maya coffee was nice.
I'm interested in going back at lunch. They have a nice imaginative menu, fried drum tacos (thank God a fish taco that's not tilapia), pork belly flautas, beef rib tacos, fried parsley as a side dish, ground ribeye burgers. My memory escapes me at the moment.
Anyone else been here?

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  1. you've convinced me, thanks. i will be hitting that if I can escape jury duty on monday. pork belly flautas sound too inviting.

    1. i tried the pork rib pastor, carnitas and pork belly tacos. to be honest, i couldn't taste a huge difference between any of the three. it wasn't bad, just a little bland. i'll keep trying it though. i like the menu and frankly the ribeye burger looked pretty good at a neighboring table.