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May 9, 2013 06:54 AM

Knoxville & Maryville - looking for Chicago Style Hot Dogs & Italian Beef

Alcoa area too

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  1. I guess the question in many people's minds is WHY?

    1. BTW I wasn't being rude. I can understand if you wanted a recipe for Italian Beef ( I make it all the time) or you wanted to know if there is a place in Knoxville where you could buy a poppy seed hot dog roll.

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      1. re: eimac

        I think a better question is why you would expect to find Chicago regional cuisine in the middle of KY or TN .. my recommendation is stick to the bbq or try a hot brown. Go with what is local ...

        1. re: cwdonald

          My feelings exactly. I get a chuckle from some of the postings where people are looking for a dish typical of a particular part of the country somewhere else. ( Pierogies in South Carolina?
          Cuban food in Wisconsin?)

          That being said, there is a small stand that sells Chicago Style Hot Dogs near me in Mt. Dora FL ( a small town in the center of the state). it's a novelty for the locals and the relish is authentically fluorescent.