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May 9, 2013 04:55 AM

Food Reviews on Estates of Sunnybrook?

I am looking for a small venue (holding approx 20 people) for a special Birthday Dinner mid june-Estates of Sunnybrook are available for us, but does anyone have any experience with the food/service quality?

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  1. The service has been good when I've been there, the grounds are beautiful and the rooms have a traditional sort of appeal but I would say the food is average in regards to these sort of event venues. I believe you can bring in a cake but everything else must be prepared by their food services.

    That being said, it has been a few years since I've been there so it may have improved since then and others on this board may have more recent visits to speak to.

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      We use the venue annually. Everyone is always impressed. From breakfast to lunch. Breakfast has lots of variety. Very buttery and flakey croissants and pastries. Choice of entrees at lunch always taste great. And very good portions. All guests give a thumbs up. Plus it can be very intimate and private depending on which 'house' you get.

    2. I had my wedding there. The food was a cut above banquet hall/hotel food, certainly.

      1. I work at Sunnybrook and attend at least a few functions at the Estates per year. I generally agree with the comments above. The food is generally safe for most palates but still interesting and well executed.

        For breakfast, the baked items are always decent and the fruit selection usually includes berries and sometimes more exotic options (e.g., starfruit, passion fruit). The coffee also is good, unlike most banquet places.

        Lunch and dinner buffets usually offer a variety of salads and other cold vegetable dishes (e.g., variety of grilled veggies), plus one meat and one fish. The vegetarian option is usually a nice pasta (e.g., ravioli stuffed with squash). Desserts are unadventurous but solid (e.g., fruit crumbles, pies, cheesecake).