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May 8, 2013 09:01 PM

I'm heading to Portland, Napa, Bend and would love some tips

Hello Chowhounders!

So we're heading off for a short road trip which included two nights in each location. I've looked into Portland a bit and I think I'm pretty good there. We're staying at the Benson (yay hotwire!) so we'll be checking out Bailey's Taproom for the craft brew scene 'cause it's just a couple blocks away. I've saved Greyelf's last post about Portland and will cherry pick a few from that extensive list.

Napa is a bit more tricky. We're travelling on a modest meal budget because we want to load up on craft beers and fine wines. So what does that leave in Napa. We want to stay away from anything like a chain restaurant and are really happy with simple bistro stuff. A good breakfast is always a nice way to start the day but where?

We'll be staying in downtown Bend also and have heard that The Sparrow Bakery is great for coffee and something flaky for breakfast. I also want to check out the Platypus Pub mostly because it's in a converted church.

Any tips or "must sees" greatly appreciated!

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    1. Sparrow Baker is amazing. Ten Barrel is good. For a hardcore craft brew experience, check out the taproom at Boneyard. A new and cool place (with a great view) is Crux Fermentation Project.

      When in PDX, see if you can make it to Apex in Southeast. One of the best beer bars ever.

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        Thanks for the Bend tips. Good stuff!

        Hmmm I'm interested in this best beer bar ever. I'm staying downtown at the Benson but I'll travel for the best. I'm bringing down some Vancouver craft beers to trade and need to get in touch with the local craft beer culture.

      2. Jen's Garden in Sisters has very good food. It might be the best dinner food in the whole area. Not that you want to go up to Redmond but if for some reason you find yourself there the Brickhouse Steakhouse is good and they have a pretty good wine list.

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          Thanks very much. I'm intrigued by your suggestion to go to Sisters. I was planning on parking the car and finding good stuff within walking distance. It's safer also considering all the local brews I want to try! But this is good. Do they take reservations?