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May 8, 2013 06:40 PM

Chef Vola's Atlantic City

I heard this place is awesome....thoughts?

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  1. I like it, very much. Haven't been there is several years. The people who don't like it or the critics will say the buzz about the place is just that -- buzz -- about it being in the basement of a home, the old stories about it being a "secret" and so on.

    I've been there numerous times and again, I like it. The food has always been very good, a lot of flavor, tastes, etc. Family owned and operated, small, BYO, tough to get into for the most part, and an interesting experience.

    Something you should certainly try once. LOL. Enjoy.

    1. Chef Vola's is a disaster waiting to happen. The rest. is in the basement down a split level stairwell. The space is very cramped and always busy. The ceiling is low so it's very claustrophobic. If they ever had a fire you would never stand a chance. I'm far from an alarmist but I can't imagine how they pass inspection. They must be grandfathered.This is a major concern from folks familiar with the space. My parents love the place but won't go again.
      So put on your fire resistant suit and order the bone-in veal parmesan. It's not on the menu but always a special. I'm not a dessert fan but their desserts are a must.

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        It's our favorite restaurant anywhere, but I absolutely see claustrophobia and body contact with the folks at the next table being a turn-off for some (for us it's part of the charm).

        They definitely aren't getting a "pass" on the fire code--for starters, the front door is NOT the only exit.

        Neither claustrophobia nor fear for your safety should be allowed to detract from what should be a great dining experience. If you still have concerns, ask for porch seating when you make your reservation and fuggedaboutit.

      2. WAS there more....overated, and I have been been a patron of Italian restaurants almost 50 years

        1. Overrated with a capital O! Don't believe the hype.

          1. Agreed. Highly overrated. All hype.