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May 8, 2013 04:51 PM

Gujarati farsan house

I am looking for a place that makes good and fresh Gujarati farsans daily and has dhokla and khaandvi among items on their regular offerings (not limited to weekends). Is there such a place? Hoping a Gujarati savvy hound can guide me.

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    1. re: brucesw

      Okay, scratch that - can't sleep so dug out my collection of menus - most several years old, may not still be in force - also, not sure just what counts as farsan so am going by the Wikioracle list:

      Bhojan - Khaman Dhokla, White Dhokla, Samosa, Khandvi, Batatawada, Patra

      Shiv Sagar - Ragda patties, batata vada, Samosas (everybody does samosas - is there something special about Gujarati?)

      Shri Balaji Bhavan - Samosa, Ragada Patty's

      Krishna Chaat - Batata Vada, Ragada Pattice, Samosa

      The owner of Bansuri Indian Food Truck (Mumbai vegetarian street food) told me his best dish is ragda patties but he is most known for his dabeli and I don't think you'll find dhokla or khaandvi there unless the menu has changed. Note very limited hours.

      Also might check out Sagar, the new place from the people at Shiv Sagar - I haven't been.

      I have had dhokla as part of the meal at Maharaj Bhog, also at the short-lived, much missed Sweet 'n Namkin.

      1. re: brucesw

        I don't know what any of those things are, but I want some.

        When are we meeting up?

    2. I was at Aga's today (Murphy Rd/1092 @ 59). Spiffed up interior and exterior, apparently new ownership, aggressively friendly counter service instead of the curt/gruff mode of before. They identify as Indo-Pakistani - I think it was always just Pakistani in the past.

      Anyway, they now have a 'Chat House' menu, daily 4-11 pm, and it had khaman on it (also dabeli, both Gujarati items). I don't remember khaandvi but maybe that too. Will have to try it sometime.

      I had white dokla at the new location of Bhojan last week, off the buffet; they have a chat bar, now, too. I glanced at the menu but don't remember it.

      Just thought I'd add this here as a reference.

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      1. re: brucesw

        That's interesting about Aga's. Thanks.

        White dhokla at Bhojan is most likely semolina (sooji).

        1. re: luckyfatima

          No khandvi at Aga's, my mistake. I went to try the khaman but they couldn't do it the day I was there.

          I have found khandvi and khaman at Indian Spices and Snacks in Sugar Land, a grocery store with a snack bar. By the pound, though. Not sure what I'd do with a pound of either.

          Here's the menu:

          Maybe they're on there in some other dish I don't recognize?

          1. re: brucesw

            I think that whole wall is for stuff to buy and serve at home. Usually dhokla or khandvi sold by the lb is for catering or parties. Like see how they have rotis and parathas, too. Those would be to re-heat at home.