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May 8, 2013 04:47 PM

Gujarati thali

I am planning my annual summer foodie vacation in Houston. I wanted to know if there is a good place that serves traditional service style Gujarati thali. (Even better if it is Gujju and Rajasthani thaali!)

I am not looking for a combo/sampler plate called thali on the menu, but a place that specializes in thali and has waiters bringing fresh flatbreads and metal buckets of food for refills to your table.

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  1. I remembered Alison Cook doing a recent review of a restaurant that I think may fit what you're looking for, so I Googled around and found it here:

    I haven't been yet, but I think I remember someone else on the board going, so maybe they can chime in with firsthand experience.

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        Maharaja Bhog is excellent, wonderful experience. Would be on my list of most highly recommended places. My understanding is it skews towards Guju during the week and Rajasthani on weekends but I haven't been on the weekend so can't confirm. Try to go close to meal times - the staff seems to slack off considerably during off hours when the place isn't crowded.

        Bhojan in Sharpstown and Vishala on Hwy 6 are both Guju - self-serve thalis. Alison wrote a good review of Vishala but I much prefer Bhojan, though it's gone downhill since I first discovered it.

        There is some Guju on the menu at Shiv Sagar and I suspect also at their new place Sagar, both in the Mahatma Ghandi district - I haven't been to the latter yet.

        Neeta's, in the same center with Shiv Sagar (and Himalaya) has a Guju thali for lunch, I think.

        I suspect there are other places but that's all I know of.

        1. re: brucesw

          I loved Maharaj Bhog. We are in Houston for a few days and just ate there now! Awesome food, just like the thaalis I used to eat in Dubai and India. High quality, non-oily, home cooked flavors but banquet selection. Just great.

          I saw the place Bhojan was seems to have burned this so?

          1. re: luckyfatima

            Glad you liked it. I wish I could go more often but I always over-eat and leave very uncomfortable.

            Bhojan burned at the end of May resulting in the deaths 4 firefighters, the worst loss of life in the history of HFD. No official cause has been announced but the first reports were that it started in the restaurant.

            Re-opened this month at 5901 Hillcroft; that is the same center as Sabri Nihari, the Pakistani restaurant. There's a new website.

            1. re: brucesw

              Oh my. I'm very sorry to hear about the firefighters. :(

              1. re: brucesw

                Correction: I was in the Mahatma Gandhi district today and checked out the new Bhojan (just drove by, didn't go in) - it isn't in the same center as Sabri Nihari, it replaced Sabri Nihari. I didn't know Sabri had folded.

                New in that center is India Coffee House. The online description says Indian filter coffee, chai and snacks but the menu on the website doesn't list any snacks.

                1. re: brucesw

                  I did see the unopened new Bhojan location when I was on Hillcroft, after I made the above comment. We come to Houston every year, so it will be on my list for next year. :)

                  I can't believe Sabri Nihari closed. That was an older, staple place. I didn't think it was fabulous but not that bad, good for nihari and a few other things.