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May 8, 2013 04:13 PM

Suggestion for sea bass side dish?

Hi! I'm getting married next month, and we're stuck on what to offer as a side dish. At dinner, our fish option is macadamia-encrusted Chilean sea bass with a citrus glaze. We're serving this with asparagus and ___________. The ______could be a grain, pasta or potato. Our caterer is very flexible but I haven't liked any of their suggestions for this particular piece. We're looking for something that would be delicious and interesting and have broad appeal--and I thought this crowd would have some suggestions!!! Thanks so much!

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  1. Something simple like a buttery rice, and orzo pilaf, or roasted fingerling potatoes. Let the sea bass be the star.

    1. Certainly not pasta. Pasta is a dish in and of itself, generally. You want something that will sop up the juices and sauce, so rice would be the logical option - maybe cook the rice with a bit of lemon peel to mirror the citrus in the glaze. My first thought, were I cooking that at home, would be a rice pilaf with preserved lemon and chopped dates.

      Potatoes just aren't clicking with that dish in my head.

      1. orzo with lemon zest and herbs.....

        1. We go with two: Orzo with spinach is the main side. We also broil up some cherry tomatoes to add much-needed color to the plate.

          1. Multi-colored orzo with diced red, green and orange bell peppers, sauteed in olive oil. Maybe some chopped fresh parsley for more color.

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              Thanks so much for all of the responses! A bunch of great ideas for us to think about :)