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May 8, 2013 03:21 PM

Nr Union Station

Suggestions for nice-ish restaurant near Union Station in Chicago - for two 80+ ladies traveling through on Amtrak? Thanks.

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  1. It would also be helpful to know when (date/time frame) because weekend schedules may differ from weekdays for certain restaurants. Are you open to a short cab ride? Are you planning on walking? What would be a reasonable walking distance for two 80+ ladies?

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      If possible, a walk of no more than two blocks. Time would be this Sunday (I realize, Mother's Day) at 6:30p. If impossible within two blocks, 5-10 minute cab ride. Thanks again.

    2. Unfortunately, there isn't much in the immediate vicinity of Union Station, and what little there is, is mostly closed on Sundays. Fortunately, a 5-10 minute cab ride can take you into the Loop or River North, our prime restaurant areas. The Loop has two good Italian restaurants open Sundays:

      tesori - www.tesorichicago.com
      The Florentine - www.the-florentine.net

      Also excellent for contemporary American cuisine is:

      Atwood Café - www.atwoodcafe.com

      In River West is another excellent choice for Italian:

      Piccolo Sogno - www.piccolosognochicago.com

      Also within cabbing distance are our excellent "small plates" restaurants; the first two are in River North, the third is in the Loop:

      Sable (contemporary American) - www.sablechicago.com
      GT Fish & Oyster (seafood) - www.gtoyster.com
      Mercat a la Planxa (tapas) - www.mercatchicago.com

      I strongly recommend making a reservation in advance, wherever you decide to go. All of the above restaurants accept reservations on Opentable.com (as well as over the phone, of course).

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        Many thanks. First time I've tried this - your suggestions are much appreciated.

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          I just updated the above post with specific recommendations, so make sure you're reading the latest version. Hopefully you'll find something there of interest!

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            Thanks again. This is all on behalf of my elderly mother and a friend - they regrettably did not realize that Sunday is Mother's Day. All restaurants contacted are, of course, long booked.

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              Union Station is very close to Greek Town (about 4 blocks). Greek Islands and Santorini are good choices.

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                >> All restaurants contacted are, of course, long booked.

                I'm guessing that you haven't tried the ones mentioned above, because most of them still have openings. (Opentable.com is an easy way to see where there's availability for a given date and time.) Restaurants mentioned above that still have tables available for two this Sunday at 6:30 pm include the Florentine, Atwood Café, Sable, and Mercat a la Planxa.

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                  Nextasy, I found a table last night. Many thanks again. Mateo

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