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need cake recommendation

We need to bring a cake - layer or ring cake - for our family Mother's Day cookout, and I feel too lazy to bake this year.

Any suggestions for a good cake in Center City?

Not strawberry shortcake; someone is bringing that.


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  1. Termini's, in reading terminal or the Comcast center.

    1. If you are only feeling half lazy, get a lemon pound cake from the Amish in the RTM, slice horizontally, add lemon curd, serve with whipped cream - and some fresh berries if you can get them!

      1. The rum cake from Isgro's is pretty amazing.

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          The raspberry pound cake from Termini's is really, really good. Their lemon cooler cake is pretty good too.

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            What is a lemon cooler cake? Sounds interesting.

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              It's a white cake frosted with lemon curd (I think maybe it's a ring?) The flavor is kind of a cross between a lemon square and a buttery cake.

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                Termini's version is actually a round ring of pound cake with lemon curd in the middle of it and a lemony tasting topping spinkled on top.

        2. In South Philly, not Center City, but the zuccotto from Varallo Brothers is a great Italian cake.

          1. Didn't The Swiss Pastry Shop reopen or did I dream that? If it is open, their hazelnut mocha cake is amazing.

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              They have been open for a few years (or more?) now under new ownership. People drool over that cake (it's not sweet enough for me) but they have really good nonpariel cookies there.

            2. I meant to post before this.
              Your suggestions were great!
              As it happened, events kept me from getting to any of the suggested places.
              You have given me an enticing list, and since I have an ever-present sweet tooth, I hope to try all of them.

              For this occasion, since time was short, we stopped at Whole Foods and bought a Tropical Carrot Cake. The Tropical meant that it had pieces of pineapple running through it.
              It was actually pretty good. Since it had plenty of icing, the kids loved it.

              And the other treats await me!