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May 8, 2013 02:30 PM

Calling Lingua food!

I believe that you are the kind person who pointed me to an excellent farmers' market in Berlin a couple of years ago. They had excellent smoked fish, as well as salads that I really liked. My son is headed there for a few days next week, and I'd like to be able to steer him there. As I recall, our taxi driver claimed that there was no such place! DH and I finally found it after much wandering around.

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  1. Ha! Fire that cab driver :-)

    The market you're thinking of is Winterfeldtmarkt in the Schöneberg district.

    It takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with Saturday being the bigger day -- more vendors.

    Tell him to go hungry!

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    1. He needs to ask the cab driver for Winterfeldtplatz. Or get the U-Bahn to Nollendorfplatz and it's a short walk:

      Depending on where he's staying, there are plenty of other markets which may be more conveniently located.

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        I would think that any cab driver in Berlin knows that Winterfeldtmarkt is located on Winterfeldtplatz.

        Also, there may be plenty of other markets, but none of them even come close to W. It's a destination.