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How to keep chicken (boiled) fresh longer ?

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This is specifically for pho and other Vietnamese soups. Boiled chicken last up to a week but after 2-3 days it doesn't taste very good anymore. Could adding some sodium nitrate help while boiling the chicken ?

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  1. Warm up using low sodium chic broth to add flavor.

    1. One possible reason for the deterioration of the chicken after a few days is the way you handled it before storage. To keep things like meat longer, you must not allow your hands to touch the meat directly. The transfer of oil and bacteria from your hands is what accelerates the process for food to go bad.

      If possible, wear gloves or use an old plastic bag from your produce purchases to reduce contact..

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        This could be the reason. We always tear it to smaller pieces. Will definitely not touch it with bare hands next time

      2. Don't boil chicken.

        It turns it rubbery and unappetizing.

        Cook it at a slow simmer or even turn off the heat if it's white meat.

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          Yea, I try not to let it boil. I usually bring the water to a boil then add chicken and lower immediately and cover and let it simmer until just done especially if I plan to reheat it later I make sure not to overcook. Also, chicken just doesn't keep well in the fridge I've noticed, either slimy or gets that odd smell.

        2. Tear/shred the chicken to order. Save whole pieces for the bowl of pho you'll be eating a few days later. I assume you're keeping the broth in the fridge? Perhaps you can store the chicken in the broth. Remove before reheating the broth.

          Sodium nitrate isn't something I would use casually without exact measurements. It wouldn't penetrate into the chicken during the short time that you're boiling so I don't think it would work anyway.

          1. If it is necessary to boil in quantity, freeze it immediately after it has cooled. IMO freshly cooked is always better, I would rather cook the chicken more frequently than have to eat it stale. No additives will cause the chicken to stay fresh longer, and there is nothing you can add to prevent it from tasting stale after a day or two in the fridge.

            1. Left-over meat invariably tastes lousy - even the day after. Keeping it in some kind of sauce, gravy, broth helps tremendously. Freezing cooked chicken does work pretty well.

              But do stay away from sodium/potassium nitrate/nitrite. Those are Big C baddies and should be kept at a minimum - and used for long term storage - bacon, salami, etc.