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May 8, 2013 01:19 PM

Duck Neck King on Prince st. near Main

I had the duck feet, really nice if light on skin. Low medium hot and not at all like the Cantonese dim sum duck feet I am used to. Good snack. I'll try other offerings

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  1. Walked by on the way to catch a train but didn't get anything, either at this stall or Xin Yue Sichuan, the newish restaurant behind it (not sure whether they're affiliated). Note in the photo that the restaurant touts its Sichuan hot pot on the front window.

    1. hmmm very interesting, did you look at the menu, is it a sichuan restaurant? I'm assuming it is b/c as squid kun said the first one says its sichuan hot pot and the second one cold small dishes

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        Looks like the real deal.