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Frosting ideas for chocolate cake

I'm looking for ideas for a birthday cake for my Dad. He likes chocolate, so I suppose I'll make choc layers, but I was thinking about flavoring my standard 7 minute frosting w/ fresh strawberry purree and then topping the cake w/ choc covered berries. I've never flavored my 7 -minute before, but I've read it's possible. Seems like I read that on Chowhound, but can't find the thread now.

I don't care for buttercreams and I make ganache frosting for him a bunch.

Alternatively, Do you think strawberry cake and a sour cream fudge frosting would be good? Thanks.

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  1. Either that you've mentioned, 7 min. with strawberry puree & berries or strawberry cake with sour cream fudge sound great.

    Does he like coconut? Love chocolate and coconut together.

    What about a chocolate cake w/ orange frosting? While I really do not like that combo, I know it's popular.

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      thanks. have you ever done 7 minute w/ a fruit addition? have a recipe? I'm a little worried I might be getting ahead of myself, now that I think about it. No time for disasters and re-dos this weekend!

    2. I've always liked the idea of trying a malt flavored frosting like this one: http://www.chow.com/recipes/12230-tri...

      But if you're looking to incorporate fruit with the chocolate, I would think a later of jam used as "frosting" under the 7 minute icing would be a nice surprise. I always like how white the plain frosting looks against the chocolate cake layers.

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        My mom used to make chocolate cake with 7-Minute frosting for our birthday cakes when we were kids. She used Strawberry Preserves for both filling (between the layers and on the top layer before she frosted the cake. I've never added preserves to 7-minute Frosting, and neither did she, but that variation works well and tastes great.

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          sorry for my delay in responding about orange with the chocolate, but it's essentially what ChefJune wrote, but with orange marmalade and orange zest over top.

      2. I made a flour frosting recently and mixed w/ chocolate ganache frosting. It was light, airy, chocolatey but not too intense (someone said it was almost like a whipped ice cream). I think it would be nice w/ a strawberry cake. I think it would be even better w/ a layer of strawberry puree below it. It's easily pipe-able, too, so you wouldn't have to frost over strawberry puree.

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          What do you think about flavoring the flour frosting w/ strawberry? I'm thinking about chocolate layers w/ pink (strawberry) frosting and a chocolate glaze...like this:


          But I don't much care for full-on buttercream.

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            I've done a raspberry flour frosting not by using fruit puree, but by beating in a few tablespoons (to taste) of raspberry preserves at the end, and that worked well. If you wanted to use puree, I think it might work best to make it a part of the cooked mixture, so you don't need to worry about the extra moisture.

            Looks like ttoommyy below found a strawberry seven-minute icing recipe, though!

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              I've made a lemon flour frosting using Axalady's recipe and adding (1/2 cup? I forget I eyeballed it)homemade lemon curd in at the end. Any curd would work, and you could use the rest to fill.

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              Sorry, I misread your original question and thought you were asking for new ideas. I think it would be really good, good enough that I want to give it a try.

              I post this recipe all the time because I really like it but I think you could easily do strawberry puree instead of lemon curd for the frosting. It's also nice and light and I think the mascarpone would be good w/ strawberry.


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                Gosh, don't apologize, i'm ALWAYS looking for new cake ideas!! Pleasure to hear from you.

                As an added complication, my in-laws are coming for a week long stay 2 days after my Dad's birthday dinner. If I make 2 cakes at once, do you think I could freeze one entire iced cake, assuming I make the flour frosting, not the 7 minute? I often freeze layers but I don't think I've ever frozen a frosted layer cake before.

                Honestly, the combination of house-guest stress and the Chow ad to the right is making me think I should just put a candle in a pitcher of frozen strawberry margaritas, hand him a chocolate bar, and call it a day ;-)

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                  I've never frozen frosted cake, either. OTOH, you could make double the cake and then use different frostings for a change of pace--do you want the same cake twice? Since you like 7 minute frosting, have you tried Dorie Greenspan's White Out cake? You could do one strawberry and one like this (I use coffee instead of water):


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                    hmmm...I think that's what I made my Dad last year, come to think of it. i love the cake crumb on the side idea. It's genius!

          2. I love chocolate with raspberry - if it were me, I'd use a thickened/stabilized raspberry puree to fill the layers, then frost with ganache and top with fresh raspberries. I like their texture much more than strawberries in this type of application, too.

            1. How about topped with chocolate dipped fresh strawberries, looks pretty and each slice rec' one strawberry or a mocha whipped cream?

              1. How about chocolate whipped cream?

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                  Chocolate whipped cream is fabulous. You put cocoa and sugar and cream in the bowl and let it chill for an hour before whipping it. It's my favorite.

                2. How about Whipped Ganache? It's lighter in color, texture and flavor but has that great ganache taste. You could put a layer of strawberries then a layer of ganache on top, between layers.

                  1. How about a salted caramel frosting? It would go really well with chocolate.

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                      That's what I want on my birthday cake! I love the salted caramel frosting that was on Chow. Somehow it's better than the usual powdered sugar frosting. Unfortunately, my Mom said Daddy doesn't care for caramel. I think she's probably full of it...i suspect he doesn['t like our "family recipe" for caramel cake, a southern staple, that is cloyingly sweet, but I suppose I have to abide by her edict.

                    2. I'd also go with jam (or fresh puree) spread on the layers (and on top) and then your 7-minute (I've never made 7-minute, but I've done and love White Mountain, which is basically the same effect) plus the berries. I think part of what makes those frostings special is how airy they are, and moist fruit could upset that. Adding extracts or splashes of liqueur, sure, but enough fruit to add flavor I think would make the texture fail.

                      What about making a custard + strawberry filling to put in between, like a cassata cake only with chocolate cake? Or just whipped cream + berries in the filling if you don't want to bother making custard. Or fresh strawberry curd?

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                        I like the custard and the curd ideas. Thanks! I also appreciate the common sense warning on putting a puree in a delicate frosting...I suspect it would cause the cake to slip around...but I have a terrible tendency to roll the dice...and plenty of cake emergencies because of it.

                      2. Alex G. from food network makes a great yellow cake with brown sugar frosting. I've made it several times and my family loves it. I think its callled Simple birthday cake. Check it out.

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                            hmmm...that makes sense ...like replacing the water w/ puree. thanks!

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                              Just to be extra safe, you could also bloom a tbs of gelatin in a bit of water, heat it in the microwave till it's liquid, then add to the 7 minute frosting.

                          2. Wow, I know this isn't exactly what you asked for but this recipe was just sent to me on FB and it really caught my eye!

                            It's from Momofoku Milk Bar in NYC.


                            1. How about passionfruit? That's a great combination with chocolate. Chocolate sponge, mascarpone or whipped cream and passion fruit pulp to sandwich? It would look fantastic! (although I admit I am on the minimalist side of the cake decorating fence ;) )

                              1. Thanks for all the ideas. I made the epi double chocolate recipe. It calls for 2 10 " pans, that also works out to 2 6" + 2 8".

                                For the 6"er for my Dad, I pureed and strained some strawberries and replaced the 5 Tbs of water in my 7 min frosting recipe w/ 4 Tbs puree and 1 water. At the point in the recipe where it calls for vanilla, I added a drop of almond and another teaspoon or so of strawberry. I had no trouble getting the frosting to thicken, in fact, it "made" faster than normal. I think I could safely have added at least 50% more strawberry purree, but even so, you could taste the strawberry flavor. It made a nice pale pink as well, but I augmented w/ 2 toothpics-worth of red coloring.

                                Between the layers, after I frosted, i added a small pool of the strawberry pulp left from straining. I could have gotten away w/ more of that as well, but not TOO much more, the cake wanted to slip just a tad while I was doing the chocolate glaze...which was 3 oz of guittard + 2 tbs butter drizzled over the top.

                                I think I'm going to do the remaining layers in the Chow salted caramel....although I'll prob change my mind 6 times. Thanks again!

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                                  Beautiful results, Danna! It's nice to know you can add any fruit flavor to this icing that way.

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                                    Nice! I've done the Chow salted caramel over the epi cake and it's really good. I made four cakes for my husband's birthday and that was the surprise hit. I added rum to the frosting.

                                    1. re: chowser

                                      do you remember if you modified that recipe? I can't remember, I'm always tinkering with stuff. Many of the reviewers say they changed the ratio of butter to other stuff.

                                      1. re: danna

                                        I fooled around with it, wasn't precise w/ the measurement but didn't do anything nearly as drastic as some of the reviewers. But I'd probably never go for cutting butter in half! I don't measure powdered sugar, though. I just pour a little, mix, etc until it looks right.

                                  2. I know this is too late but I am wondering the same thing. Was thinking of making the campfire cake with toasted marshmallow cream inside and malted chocolate icing. Anyone try it? It seems to be all over the Internet.