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Pumpkin-shaped cherries - anyone know what they are?

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These things grow on shrubs (not trees) in my hood, and my neighbor said they are edible cherries. She added that they "cleanse", and to me there is a fine line between cleansing and poisoning oneself.

Anyone have a clue what they are called, which will in turn allow me to investigate what can be done with them. I'd love to know I've succeeded in a crop besides mangoes, even if that success was accidental.

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  1. They look like Surinam cherries. They are extremely tart/acidic. Here in Hawaii, I've had jam (very good, by the way) made with the cherries from people's backyards. Sorry, don't have any more information than that.

    1. I was gonna say Brazilian cherries aka Surinam cherries. Are the flowers white with long white pannicles?

      1. Here's a photo of the Surinam cherries.

          1. I can't believe it! I'm pretty good with google, but I've searched for YEARS without success. The replies and pictures are EXACTLY what I have. Thanks all!