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May 8, 2013 11:37 AM

Pumpkin-shaped cherries - anyone know what they are?

These things grow on shrubs (not trees) in my hood, and my neighbor said they are edible cherries. She added that they "cleanse", and to me there is a fine line between cleansing and poisoning oneself.

Anyone have a clue what they are called, which will in turn allow me to investigate what can be done with them. I'd love to know I've succeeded in a crop besides mangoes, even if that success was accidental.

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  1. They look like Surinam cherries. They are extremely tart/acidic. Here in Hawaii, I've had jam (very good, by the way) made with the cherries from people's backyards. Sorry, don't have any more information than that.

    1. I was gonna say Brazilian cherries aka Surinam cherries. Are the flowers white with long white pannicles?

      1. Here's a photo of the Surinam cherries.

          1. I can't believe it! I'm pretty good with google, but I've searched for YEARS without success. The replies and pictures are EXACTLY what I have. Thanks all!