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May 8, 2013 11:17 AM

Road trip Chow (dallas tx to santa rosa florida)

Taking a road trip to Florida (Santa Rosa) next week. I wanted to check and see if anyone had recommendations on any spots that are worth stopping for? To or from we will be going through N.O. I have plans for there. What areas I am looking for guidance on is:

1. Anything around int. 20 between dallas and jackson ms (in LA i am willing to make significant detours for good LA food)
2. Anything around Jackson ms to hattiesburg ms
3. Anything around hattiesburg to mobile to santa rosa.
4. Anything off 49 and 10 through LA.

We will have a 5 year old with us so but besides that i am open to all suggestions.

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  1. Just to prove that there is somebody that read your post.

    Nachitoches meat pies have little or no cajun influence. Primarily the product of scotch-irish emigrents. Unless they have morphed from my last visit 5 years ago.

    Wintzell's in downtown Mobile and the Original Oyester House on the causeway to the north of I-10 have good solid must stop food. Time of day determines which one I stop at.

    And this should keep you pleasantly full until you reach Santa Rosa.

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      Thanks indianriverfl...i am aware of the origin of the meat pie in LA but still think there is somewhat of a cajun influence there. A crawfish meat pie has all the flavors that I love from cajun cuisine. mmm...getting hungry.

      Adding wintzell's and orgi oyester house to the map thanks.

    2. If y'all are headed down I-10 through Louisiana, then make sure you stop in Lafayette for boudin.

      Best Stop is our favorite place to go...

      1. In Breaux Bridge, LA, just off of I-10: Cafe des Amis. Exquisite!