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Road trip Chow (dallas tx to santa rosa florida)

Taking a road trip to Florida (Santa Rosa) next week. I wanted to check and see if anyone had recommendations on any spots that are worth stopping for? To or from we will be going through N.O. I have plans for there. What areas I am looking for guidance on is:

1. Anything around int. 20 between dallas and jackson ms (in LA i am willing to make significant detours for good LA food)
2. Anything around Jackson ms to hattiesburg ms
3. Anything around hattiesburg to mobile to santa rosa.
4. Anything off 49 and 10 through LA.

We will have a 5 year old with us so but besides that i am open to all suggestions.

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  1. I have no suggestions for you except to say, I'd explore Chowhound for those particular areas you'll be traveling in.

    1. In New Orleans, suggest Brigtsen's.

      1. thanks foieegras.

        twinwillow, thanks for the suggestion. i have indeed already opened multiple threads in the designated areas of travel. just wanted to make sure i cover all the possibilities.

        1. the best LA food will be in Lafeyette and Acadia, not in New Orleans. Specifically, Old Tyme Grocery for the best po boys.

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            I 100% agree with you demigodh. any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Adding old tyme grocery to the map THANKS!

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              When I'm driving that route I try to plan a meal at the Half Shell Oyster House in Gulfport - very good.

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                I second that rec of the Half Shell Oyster House! Specifially the Oysters Orleans. I hadn't ever tried an oyster before (I know, for shame, for shame) and I am now salivating at the thought of having that dish. It is a must for me when in that area. http://halfshelloysterhouse.com/

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              In addition to those excellent suggestions, I would also add the town of Breaux Bridge, La. for a great selection of real Cajun food restaurants. Especially for crawfish and boudin.


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                These are great guys! thanks for the info (im getting hungry)

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                  twinwillow...breaux is already on the map. our departure time from dallas is so that we arrive at crazy bout crawfish for a bowl or 5 of their seafood gumbo (one of the best i have ever had)

              2. Last time I made the drive from Dallas to NOLA, we stopped at Lasyones (http://lasyones.com/) in Natchitoches for meat pies, which were absolutely delicious.

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                  mmm meat pies...adding to the map... im actually making meat pies while on our trip...but im not cajun (just a wana be) so i need as much inspiration as possible. thanks.

                2. if you decide to Take 20 over to MS, in Vicksburg take 61 south (or for a prettier drive take Natchez Trace Parkway) to Lorman. For some bada$$ fried chicken, stop at Old Country Store. It's not very pretty...but it's mighty fine chicken!!

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                  1. oh.....and Letha's in Hattisburg for some great bbq!

                    1. Depending on when you leave in the morning, you can stop for lunch at Herby K's in Shreveport. It's just a little off the highway. http://www.herbyks.net/Herby_Ks/Home....

                      I would agree with Beaux Bridge. It's a great place to stop. I will normally also make a stop a prejeans in Lafayette. I usually stop on the way down at the smaller places and then prejeans on the way back.

                      Have a great time!

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                        I will prob be going through Shreveport a little early for herbyk's but maybe we can hit it on the way back. Thanks.

                      2. Both in Marshall, TX:

                        P&J Lunchroom -- very good soul food. Open lunch only.
                        Neely's Brown Pig -- a pig stand that sels a decent BBQ pork sandwich.


                        Herby K's -- good to above average fried seafood. Signature item is the Shrimp Buster shrimp sandwich.

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                          Neither one of the Marshall locations show up on Google maps prob means they are jems. hope i get a chance to try one.

                          1. re: wishIwasinsardegna

                            actually they did i zoomed in before searching. ha thanks again.

                        2. Mama Alma's in Hattiesburg for really excellent Mexican food. I just read this about a really great Southern meat-and threes in Hattiesburg: http://robertstjohn.com/2013/04/15/wh...

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                          1. I 3rd Beaux Bridge and the Old Thyme Grocery for Po Boys. I will also add that you should swing by Don's Specialty Meats in Lafayette for the best Boudin, Boned out, stuffed chicken stuffed with crawfish, boudin, etoufee ect. They also have fresh Cracklins which are wonderful. We make that drive to the beach every year and stop at Don's on the way back and fill the cooler up.

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                              Mmm, Don's in Lafayette sounds like,
                              ROAD TRIP!

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                                Nice! i was hoping someone would point out a good place for sausage and boudin. thanks!

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                                  Trip was awesome. I did not stop at as many places as I was hoping to. This was my 4 year old daughters first long road trip I was not sure how she would do. So we left around 2 in the AM and everyone slept until 10 ish. Stopped in Layfette at Old Tyme Grocery kind of out of the way but great shrimp Po Boy. Then made it all the way to Gulfport so we stopped at Half Shell Oyster House. It was good cheese grits were great. That pretty much held us over until we got to our destination. We did not eat out at all while we where there as we had a number of great feast at the house with the 4 other families we were staying with. On the way home I had a very testy brother in law that wanted only one thing to be home so we did not stop too much. I did make it a point to stop at crazy bout craw fish got some gumbo and crawfish (as good as i remember) and a bowl of craw fish to take home....cant wait to make the trip again and try some of yalls other suggestions. I have a google map with everything pinned let me know if any one would like to view it. Thanks again!

                                2. Ooh, I am making this trip in reverese and would like bump this back up. Driving from Gainseville, FL to Dallas, TX For the first time. Planning on leaving Gainseville at 6am and don't mind if we have to spend the night somewhere in the middle to hit up some "GREAT-eats"!

                                  Thanks in advance!

                                  Wishiwasinsardgena, I'l be checking your posts about this trip. Thank you in advance.

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                                    NY i have a google map with alot of the places that i like and wanted to hit if you want send me your email and i will send you the map...

                                    My favorites and places i wish i would of not missed are:
                                    Crazy bout crawfish (Breaux Bridge)
                                    Dons Specialty meats (lafayette)
                                    olde tyhme grocery (lafayette)
                                    Leas Lunch Room (south of alexandria)

                                    Didnt make it to but will next time:
                                    Lasyone's Meat Pie (Natchitoches)
                                    Herby K's (Shreveport)

                                    Had alot of recomendations for seafood in gulf port as well as some others that i did not get to make it too (see this thread and the other 2 i posted in the other regions)

                                    Hope this helps!

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                                      NY P8ntball, how did your trip go? We are making the trip from Tallahassee to Dallas in a couple of weeks with an overnight stay in New Orleans. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.