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May 8, 2013 11:10 AM

Puro Michoacan and Monte Alban in South San Jose

Just a quick note... I had some really nice food yesterday at both Puro Michoacan and Monte Alban. The restaurants are about a block apart on south 1st st in South San Jose. After reading a note here on chowhound that someone liked the Oaxacan food at Monte Alban, that was my original destination. I had some very nice tlacoyos, though there is a lot there to be explored, including nearly all of the famous Oaxacan moles. My colleagues had tacos which were all with hand-made tortillas.

But in driving there I passed Puro Michoacan, which billed itself as a "restaurant y birrieria". So I HAD to stop and get the obligatory carnitas taco and birria (chivo) taco. It was later in the day, so I had the last of their carnitas. The flavor was great, and it was still quite moist, though I would say that earlier in the day, I'm guessing it would have been even better.

The goat birria was even better though. It's served very plain (i.e., just the super-moist stewed goat, sans typical red sauce), with the cup of goat broth on the side for dipping or spooning over. The salsas are served on the side and came in two molcajetes. The fiery red salsa seemed to be made with the drippings/gravy from the goat birria. It was excellent, thick, complex and very hot.

And the cherry on tops was that all tortillas were made to order at Puro Michoacan. A big benefit.

Monte Alban
980 S First Street, San Jose, CA

Puro Michoacan
1065 S First Street, San Jose, CA

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  1. That sounds terrific. Just the way I like my birria - made with baby goat, served with the consome' on the side, handmade tortillas.

    1. I tried Puro Michoacan yesterday. It is well worth a visit for the birria, and I've heard the other food is great too. I had birria tacos, which were just tender goat wrapped in freshly-made tortillas. They came with onions/cilantro on the side, as well as 3 salsas and a cup of goat broth. I spooned some broth on the tacos but drank the rest because it was so good.

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        Glad you liked it. And glad it's still good. I haven't been in a year.

        My only recommendation is not to spill that goat "consomme" it on your pants as I did once. Because then you will smell like goat birria the rest of the afternoon at work. Not that it doesn't smell great, but not what *I* want to smell like during meetings. :)