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May 8, 2013 09:36 AM

Spargelkarte in LA? (Asparagus menu)

At this time of year, restaurants all over Germany hang out a banner announcing their Spargelkarte--the asparagus menu. The arrival of white asparagus is a big deal, and the menu includes mouth-watering white asparagus soup, asparagus salad, an asparagus entree, with potatoes and hollandaise and an optional meat, and sometimes an asparagus dessert (never made that leap myself.)

I know that in the past, Rockenwagner did a spargelkarte, but I haven't seen any signs of such this year. Does anyone here know of a reasonable facsimile in the LA area--a trip to Germany in not in the cards for me and I'm seriously jonesing for my spargelfixe.

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  1. Don't know your price point, but Melisse currently has an asparagus menu on it's website. Cheaper than flying to Germany. Barely. ($195)

    1. NYTimes did a piece on this last week.

      Dutch white asparagus at Red Medicine is excellent. Had it last week. On the tasting menu but you can order a la carte. Just one dish though.

      1. Hans now has white asparagus on the menu at 3 Square Cafe.

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        1. Had 2 dishes from the Spargelkarte menu this evening. The Asparagus soup which was thin lightly flavored Soup. It was good but served at a molten temp so we didn't end up finishing it until after the mains. Then we had the half pound of white asparagus with potatoes Black Forest ham and hollandaise. I thought it was incredible.