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May 8, 2013 08:52 AM

Canadian chowhound visiting the white moutains - where to eat

Hey fellow chowhounds! Ill be staying in North Conway next week for hiking and I'm looking for nice casual places to eat after a hike and some nice places to go out for drinks/supper.

Also if you have recommendations of places to go buy food (farmers market, nice grocery stores, etc) I'd love to hear them! We'll have a car and I dont mind having to drive a bit to get to nice places!

Thanks in advance :)

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  1. Drive at speed, run, but do not walk to White Mountain Cider Co. in Glen. We ate there in the winter, and were completely wowed. Don't miss the home-made potato chips with a range of spicy sauces!

    1. I really like May Kelly's on Route 16 for lunch or dinner...try the Irish mixed grill (excellent boudin/black pudding). Eagle Mountain House in Jackson has a great Sunday brunch. It's a little early for any large scale farmers' markets.

      For specialty groceries/deli/healthy stuff, try The Local Grocer in North Conway. It's a little bit of everything.