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May 8, 2013 08:20 AM

One more reason to eat local whenever possible

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  1. What makes you believe that local producers are any better?

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      We have not had one food poisoning outbreak from food sold at our farmers' markets in the 30 years I've been shopping at them. Could happen, but would put the grower out of business for good, so they are very careful. I know most of the growers I buy from, and they feed what they grow to their own families.

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          I don't know about markets in other locations; was merely relating the local situation. Thousands of people shop at them every week, and there's never been a problem.

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          Most people don't contract food poisoning from 30 years of shopping in ordinary supermarkets, either. No valid conclusion about the relative safety of farmers' markets vs. supermarkets can be drawn from such anecdotal evidence.

      1. It may be a reason for individuals to alter their choices, but it's not a solution to the general problem of food safety. The US is already dependent on imported food:

        Americans are not going to give up fresh tomatoes in the winter, or the other produce that comes from Mexico and South America.

        Besides, pathogens are a concern even in domestic produce. California spinach was responsible for one outbreak a few years ago.

        The general solution to food contamination is twofold:

        1. diligent inspection of food, both foreign and domestic
        2. safe food handling practices in homes and restaurants

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          Don't forget the listeria from the Colorado melons.

          1. re: juliejulez

            Latest on the Colorado case - owners of a particular farm are guilty; sentencing to come.


            "A further investigation (pdf) by the FDA pointed to two pieces of refurbished cleaning equipment and a truck used to haul rejected fruit to a nearby cattle facility as possible sources of the Listeria contamination."

            Also has a nice summary on how the outbreak was noticed and traced to this source.

        2. I trust my local farmers way more than I trust these big factory farms.