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May 8, 2013 08:06 AM

Hostess Gift For Chef/ Restauranteurs

Will be having brunch at the home of (James Beard nominated) chef/ restauranteurs on Sunday- I want to come up with an appropriate hostess gift. Is champagne / prosecco too mundane?

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  1. A possible alternative...although no, the sparkly is fine: A set of nice napkins rolled and held in a small basket

    1. A $100 dollar gift card at MacDonald's. For all those early mornings when they don't want to think about food any more.

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      1. The first thought that comes to mind is something NOT food or wine related. Sounds like they have that covered in abundance in their professional lives. I would bring an artfully arranged bouquet of flowers to add to the festivity of the day. In a week or so it will be gone but have served its beautiful purpose and your hosts will not have to worry about eating, drinking or storing a gift that may not be as appreciated as you intend it to be.

        1. Flowers are nice, but I'd make sure they were all ready arranged and in a pretty vase;

          Gourmet chocolates or candy

          An artisan bottle of their favorite booze (Bourbon & Rye are currently very popular)

          1. It's probably too late to order anything now, but we love the SMOKED olive oil from Spain at this web site. We have, but have not tried yet, the chocolate stuffed figs. Maybe a gift certificate?


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              Will definitely check this out- they're latest restaurant is Spanish!